Jewish professor protests MLA resolution

NEW YORK (JTA) — A Jewish professor is opposing an allegedly anti-Israeli resolution by a prominent academic association.

Prof. Irving Rothman of Houston University on Thursday said he sent a letter to the Modern Language of Association of America protesting a proposed resolution critical of Israel.

“The anti-Israel voices, following the legacy of MLA President Edward Said, forge ahead without reservation and with unapologetic bias and polemics,” Rothman wrote in the letter.

MLA members will vote online between Nov. 3rd and Dec. 7th over whether to ratify the resolution which claims Israel is “stifling education on all levels in the occupied territories.”

“Be it resolved that the MLA endorse teaching and scholarship about Palestinian culture, support members who come under attack for pursuing such work, and express solidarity with scholars of Palestinian culture,” the proposal states.

Meanwhile, Rothman said he put forward an alternative resolution amending the original proposal.

“Whereas education at all levels in Israel and in Palestinian territories should be supported with full freedom of attendance and expression for both men and women, boys and girls, with an honest and accurate depiction of the facts,” his proposal states.

However, the MLA responded by saying that because the deadline for submitting amendments has passed the proposal cannot be considered.