Nonie Darwish intimidated by Muslim guard at Toronto airport

Last night I went to hear ex-Muslim Nonie Darwish of Former Muslims United talk about creeping sharia, media misinformation and more at U of T.

What sticks in my mind is the story she told about what happened when she landed in Toronto.

The “bearded, Pakistani-looking” border guy went through the usual spiel: “Business or personal?”

He kept pressing her to describe her business in Toronto and Ottawa in more and more detail.

When she finally said she was going to speak about sharia, he fixed his eyes on her and intoned:

“We are NOT to question sharia.”

Feel safe, everybody?

This guy is “guarding” your airport!

People in the audience asked what is to be done. Darwish didn’t have any real concrete answers — at least, none she felt comfortable talking about publicly.

The situation is difficult because both constitutions promise “freedom of religion.”

However, neither constitution (to my knowledge) features “a right to immigrate to Canada/the U.S.”

So we can more safely, from a legal perspective, campaign for a temporary halt to immigration from Muslim countries, and by Muslims coming here through non-Muslim second countries.

To deal with the belligerent Muslims currently in our midst is a harder task. But turning off the taps would be a start.