First Black Jesus Movie Screens at the Cannes Film Festival

The independent, religious biopic “Color of the Cross,” based on the last 48 hours of Christ’s life, makes its world premiere at the 59th Annual Cannes Film Market in France, May 17 – 28.

“Color of the Cross,” meets front and center in Cannes as the first dramatic film in Hollywood history ever to depict Christ as a man of color. This depiction adds dimension to the conventional biblical story and is sure to challenge Conservative Christian beliefs and lend fervor to the current debate and religious movement sweeping the nation in the media.

Jean-Claude LaMarre’s “Color of the Cross” bases his story on scriptural interpretation as well as the added dimension of historical data pointing to the fact that Christ was of African descent and may very well have been dark skinned. The timely release of this film’s screening at the festival, following the “The Da Vinci Code’s” mixed reviews is sure to raise interest and curiosity.

“Color of the Cross” unlike “Passion of the Christ,” chooses not to focus on the bloody torture of Christ’s crucifixion but, rather, his agonizing struggle with impending death. It is here that the film focuses on the more human aspects of the story of Christ. “Color of the Cross” reaches across a cultural divide to inspire and challenge its viewers intellectually.

Director, Jean-Claude LaMarre said the film’s intention is to stimulate audiences by re-imaging the depiction of Christ. “Our movie is not about dividing Christians, but broadening their perspective. For centuries, Leonardo Da Vinci’s portrayal of Jesus has been widely accepted. We are offering an alternative image. There’s room for all. We will be seeking the Pope’s blessing on this one,” said LaMarre.

Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment, which released “The Passion of the Christ” on domestic home video, has acquired distribution rights for “Color of the Cross.” Revealing clips and exclusive information can be found at:

Cannes Screenings
Location/Time/Date: Gray 3 – at 2pm – May 25th (Ascension Day)
Palais D – at 3:30pm – May 26th
About The Film — A Nu-Lite Entertainment production, and producers are Rev. Cecil “Chip” Murray, Jessie Levostre, Kenneth Halsband, Executive Producers Lila Aviv, Paul Noe, Eddy Lahens, Marc Porterfield, Michele Gonda and Co-producer Marcello Thedford.

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