‘Israel’s Top 100 Ethnic Restaurants’ eBook Making Waves

The World Jewish Heritage Fund’s first digital publication, Israel’s Top 100 Ethnic Restaurants, is making waves around the Jewish world, bringing forward the importance of culinary heritage. Launched earlier this year in New York, the eBook has already gotten major exposure in the online Jewish press, mainly around the New York area, as well as in blog articles and radio shows.

One of Israel’s top food authorities, Gil Hovav, who endorsed the eBook, recently described the ebook, saying “it’s as if you have a thousand Israeli friends telling you ‘no you should go here, no you should go there’… it’s really cool!”

Israel’s Top 100 Ethnic Restaurants eBook compiles of 100 of Israel’s best, and mostly unknown, ethnic restaurants; 15 annual food fairs and culinary festivals across the country; and a ‘Dishionary’ with illustrative description of the top 30 ethnic dishes in Israel. These varied points of interest presented in the eBook also include maps and locations, high quality multimedia, and more – making the tourist culinary experience more enjoyable and accessible than ever.

The World Jewish Heritage Fund (WJH) is a non-profit organization founded by American businessman Jack Gottlieb, aiming to serve as a combination of a ‘Jewish Tripadvisor’ and a ‘Jewish UNESCO’; preserving and promoting tangible and intangible Jewish heritage assets around the world, using innovative community-based digital-tourism tools.

The organization is continuing its efforts in promoting this unique interactive eBook across North America, and will launch a national campaign in the coming months, in the hopes of bringing a new outlook and a fresh approach to experience Jewish heritage to the public all across the USA and Canada.

During the months of May and June, WJH founder Jack Gottlieb and leading Israeli food personality Gil Hovav will be giving out interviews to media outlets across North America; you can now schedule an interview and receive a free-download link to offer your readers. Make sure your audience knows about this unique culinary experience in Israel, right before the biggest tourism season of the year; help them spice up their next trip to Israel, and help promote Jewish heritage and culture – all at the same time!


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