Kosha Dillz

Kosha Dillz s a 24 year old hip hop MC whose story reads like a scene from 8 Mile by Eminem. Dillz has quickly become one of the hottest names in hip hop.

He is no Johnny-come-lately to hip hop, nor to infusing it with his Hebrew roots. As of November 2005, his 12″? release, Chainsaw Music, was #13 on the Rap Network charts. What’s more interesting, this MC has studied at the Lakewood Yeshiva, belongs to a Maimonides study group and references his heritage throughout his music.

Kosha Dillz came to explore his faith as so many other rappers do; during a time of crisis, in the midst of a life of turmoil on the streets.

Born Rami Even-Esh to Israeli parents, Kosha Dillza grew up hearing hip hop pioneers; it was a troubled adolescence of substance abuse, rehab and jail time.

But Rami was determined to right his path, vowing not to break the law again. In his teshuvah, he sought spiritual and moral guidance from the Jewish tradition of his birth. At the same time, Rami began to put thoughts about his struggle to paper as rhymes.

His writing led to to enrollment at Rutgers University as an English major, and it found a life onstage, where Rami took on the name Kosha Dillz.

He came full circle thanks to the two most important influences in his life; his heritage and his hip hop. Melding them seemlessly, because they are his singular identity. If hop hop demands the rhymes be “real” and the that you truthfully “represent” who you are and where you’re from, Kosha Dillz needs only open his mouth. His hop hop is his story, his essence and the way he expresses himself. And his story is quintissentially hip-hop and Jewish.

The MC’s hardships made him appreciate his roots and heritage, and as he laid his rhymes to beats, they effortlessly flowed from his roots:

“I’m a made man through the blood of Abraham
After Moses gave us freedom from Arabian sand
Don’t question who you are, I never question who I am
Its the craziest plan to get back to Promised Land.”


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