Live Crucified Black Jesus Display Causes Waves at Azusa Street Revival

In a dramatic depiction of the last few hours of the life of Jesus Christ, “Color of the Cross” in association with chose to display a live portrait of ‘Black Jesus on the Cross’ at the Azusa Street Revival.

The producers of “Color of the Cross” presented the live crucifix to stimulate the interest of the many attendees of the Azusa Street Revival. The controversial display was met with surprising enthusiasm from the more than 250,000 attendees of the festival from around the world. Representatives at the booth were overwhelmed with attendees from as far away as South Africa, Australia and Asia requesting more information on the film.

The producers chose the Centennial Celebration to present their live black crucifix because the cultural diversity of the festival is in alignment with the inspiration “Color of the Cross” hopes to bring to the world on its anticipated debut in fall 2006. Many people attending the festival were awed not only by the sight of a ‘live’ crucifix but also at the sight of a black Jesus.

When asked of the possible shock value of the display, one of the producers remarked, “I’m impressed that many people seemed not to be shocked at the sight of a black Jesus!”

Azusa Street Revival’s success in touching lives and making a difference is directly in line with what “Color of the Cross” and are hoping to accomplish with their dedication to creating films that promote positive imaging for all ethnicities. For more information, visit: and or call 323.468.5380.

Note to the Editors: “Color of the Cross” is a Nu-Lite Entertainment production, and producers are Rev. Cecil “Chip” Murray, Jessie Levostre, Kenneth Halsband, Executive Producers Lila Aviv, Edy Lahens, Paul Noe, Marc Porterfield, Michele Gonda and Co-producer Marcello Thedford.


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