The Last Kaiser Roll in the Bodega

The Last Kaiser Roll in The Bodega is a collection of Vanessa’s signature poems, prose, and excerpts of her nationally acclaimed one-woman show; Culture Bandit.

Vanessa draws inspiration for her work from issues of cultural identity, unrequited love, hip-hop and more.

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Vanessa has a remarkable way of using humor and unparalled honest writing to truly speak truth to our ever changing, ever evolving American identity. Hands down one of my favorite, and electrifying solo performers.
Kamilah Forbes, Artistic Director Hip Hop Theater Festival, Producer Def Poetry Jam

Vanessa Hidary is a master. I don’t know how she does it. Every word, every phrase, seems to be chosen with care and total passion. Relentlessly funny and always smart.
Fred Armisen, Cast member of Saturday Night Live and IFC sketch series, Portlandia

Vanessa Hidary is a fierce, brilliant voice who speaks the truth with such depth and wit that you will laugh and cry. I was fortunate enough to have her in my film “The Tribe,” and no matter how many times I watch her perform her spoken word piece, “Hebrew Mamita,” I still feel the same powerful rush of words so raw and timeless. Vanessa is a wonderful synthesis of modern culture with a strong dose of Jewish identity to redefine what being Jewish is in today’s world.
Tiffany Shlain, Film Director

Vanessa Hidary’s writing is everything I look for as a reader. It’s musical, smart and funny, but most importantly it’s honest. She moves us through different NYC blocks, through different cultures, into the bodegas and clubs and onto the stage. I’m so excited about this wonderful book.
Matt De La Pena, Author of Ball Don’t Lie, Mexican WhiteBoy, and We Were Here

When I stumbled across Vanessa’s ‘Ph.D. In Him’ poem, I had to track this woman down. She puts to words, what so many of us women have experienced and want to scream from the rooftops!
Kristen Chenoweth, Tony & Grammy award winner.

A battle cry for the fed-up girlfriend bent on reclaiming what’s left of her dignity and pride, determined to move on with head held high….a love story about friendships that know no boundaries, barriers, divisions or color lines.
Yvonne Orji, Black Star News


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