MFA sends medical aid and equipment to Kenyan hospitals

The MFA, in cooperation with the Joint Distribution Committee’s International Distribution Program, has shipped three tons of medical aid and equipment to Kenyan hospitals.

Last week, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, by means of MASHAV, the Israel Center for International Cooperation, sent a planeload of aid to Kenya that included three tons of medications and medical equipment for Kenyan hospitals. The Israeli embassy in Nairobi will transfer the equipment to two hospitals in Nairobi and one in the western Kenyan city of Kisumu. Eight hundred kilograms of ICU equipment was contributed by the International Distribution Program of the American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee.

The shipment of medical aid equipment is an expression of the support by MASHAV, the MFA, and the Joint’s International Distribution Program of various local councils in Kenya. This ongoing cooperation, carried out within the framework of a long-term project aimed at teaching strategic planning to senior officials, has been continuing for over a year. It should be noted that Israel and Kenya have enjoyed a warm relationship for a long period of time.

The Joint’s International Distribution Program operates in 30 countries worldwide and supplies humanitarian aid to needy populations, mainly in countries that have experienced various traumatic events such as natural disasters, social crises or other events.

Following the traumatic events in Kenya, the MFA, the American Jewish Joint and other agencies extended aid to the local population, especially to casualties of the riots.