“On the 6th day of Hanuka, celebrating Rosh Hodesh Tevet, four women were arrested at Judaism’s holiest site, praying while wearing tallitot.

The World Union for Progressive Judaism notes with sadness the treatment received at the hands of Israeli Police who arrested Rabbi Elyse Frishman (senior rabbi of Barnert Temple in Franklin Lakes, New Jersey and a member of the WUPJ Rabbinic Circle, see video below), and two 18 year old women from the UK who were in Israel for the World Union sponsored Netzer Gap-Year Program, as well as a board member of Women of the Wall. These women, and all others assembled there, were simply trying to pray.

We join with our Israel Movement for Progressive Judaism in calling for a third section to be created in which men and women can pray together, while respecting the rights of those who chose to pray in separate sections. How ironic that as Jews around the world celebrate the victory of spirit over forced assimilation, that Jews who want to pray have their rights denied by an ultra-orthodox hegemony. We call upon the State to heed its own Supreme Court and find a resolution. Until that happens, Israel still fails to live up to the ideals upon which it was founded, as a haven for Jews everywhere.

We support the efforts of the Women of the Wall and our hearts, and our support, go out to those who stood up in the face of injustice for the sake of the greater Jewish community.
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