“Punk Jews”-Evan Kleinman

Following a community of artists, activists, and musicians expressing their Jewish identity in unique and unconventional ways this independent documentary changes something in the way you’ll view your people… to the better we hope.

Evan believes New Media and social networking are best utilized to bridge gaps between communities and people that would not have the opportunity to interact otherwise. Evan Kleinman is a four-time Emmy nominated producer and director. He has produced television programming for NBC, online media for New York Magazine and Broadway.com.

The documentary features Y-Love (Yitz Jordan), Hip-Hop Artist and an internationally acclaimed artist, who works with Be’chol Lashon. He has shared the stage with with Matisyahu, interviewed with Conan O’Brien, and was quoted as a “mystics lyricist” when relating to his talent. Such a list of accomplishments prove to show that Y-Love is on his way to global hip-hop fame, thus checking off another positive example and positive Word in the name of Jewish Peoplehood.

With a mission statement that reads ‘using hip-hop to elevate, not to tranquilize,’ this spiritual, rapping guru exhudes the brighter side of the hip-hop music scene. Based in Brooklyn, NY with an undeniable love for Israel, Y-Love (Yitz Jordan) is front and center in a trending hip-hop revolution. Y-Love’s unique style reveals his inner-neshama (soul), a spicy interest in ancient languages, and his passion for Jewish scripture – all of which are accounts and reflections of his strong Jewish identity and life-choice to convert to Hasidism.