What the Chinese Discovered about Tefilin


I don’t know why this happened to me, but it’s a fact that stuff comes my way; I went to Tel Aviv to visit my father and someone there asks, “Have you heard about T’fillin?” I asked, “What are you talking about?” and she tells me that her friend has an article from the Chinese Journal of Medicine written about T’fillin. Right away my curiosity was aroused and I had her immediately bring me the article – and when I got it, I saw something unbelievably amazing!!

Who of us doesn’t know about Chinese Acupuncture? The Chinese discovered the medical treatment using needles to heal when they are inserted at certain points in the body. The Chinese have mapped out and named all the points of the body du 24 du 70 du 23, and so on. And the Chinese Journal of Medicine – to which everyone important in the field of Acupuncture subscribes – published an amazing article, absolutely amazing. The main article in volume 70 of the Journal deals solely with the T’fillin of the Jewish People. The article conclusively establishes that the contact and pressure points covered by the hand and head T’fillin are exactly those points at which the Acupuncture needles are inserted in order “to increase spirituality and to purify thoughts.” The non-Jewish author of the article puts it that the points covered by the T’fillin are those where the Acupuncture needles are inserted. I would reverse the statement to read: The Acupuncture needles are inserted in those points which are exactly where a Jew puts on T’fillin.

The article details all of the Acupuncture points which are the same as the points-of-contact of the head T’fillin – front and back – as well as the points-of-contact of the hand T’fillin on the arm and hand. In the opinion of the expert who wrote the article, these are the only Acupuncture points that will achieve this result [to increase spirituality and to purify thoughts] which, in addition to following the Torah’s command to place the T’fillin on the arm (hand) and head as a sign that HaShem brought us out of Egypt with a strong hand, is likely the reason that Jews put on T’fillin.

FYI – For more information: www.koshertorah.com/PDF/tefilin.pdf or biurchametz.blogspot.com/2005/03/tefillin-mitzvah-and-acupuncture.html


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