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Meet Moses Elisaf, The First Jewish Mayor In Greece, The Cradle Of Democracy

Matt A. Hanson, The Forward, 07/05/2019

Despite centuries of widespread anti-Semitism in Greece, a Jewish man becomes the mayor of a Greek city.

Why BlacKkKlansman Is Required Viewing for Jews

Abraham Riesman, Vulture, 08/09/2018

How Jewish “Whiteness” Perpetuates Anti-Semitic Domination

Dani Ishai Behan, The Times of Israel, 09/24/2017

If an American Jew from the early/mid 20th century were ever transported to the present, they’d be incredulous at how today’s anti-Semites (white nationalists notwithstanding) not only consider Jews “white,” but fiercely object to any Jew who dares to assert otherwise. Such is the amorphous nature of anti-Semitism, constantly shape-shifting in accordance with whatever the prevailing zeitgeist happens to be.

The Larger Apology Needed From the Left

Ariel Chesler, The Times of Israel, 08/19/2017

Now that the organizers of the March for Racial Justice have apologized for planning their march on Yom Kippur, and have planned a march for the following day, we should absolutely accept the apology and work together for justice for all races, ethnicities, and communities.

Far-flung communities look for acceptance in Jewish world

Sue Fishkoff, The J, 05/09/2008

Miguel Segura Aguilo’s ancestors were executed as Jews five centuries ago in Spain, but he is not welcome in his local synagogue today.

Under Fire, Baraka Finds Support in Black Circles

Daniel Treiman, The Forward, 03/07/2003

When New Jersey’s controversial poet laureate, Amiri Baraka, spoke at Yale University February 24, many members of the Jewish campus community were appalled.