15 Rabbis to follow on twitter that will change the way you think about Rabbis

Emily Burack, Alma, 07/01/2019

Twitter can be a terrible place (for example, it has a Nazi problem and lots of anti-Semitic conspiracy theories). But it can also be delightful — full of stories about puppies, jokes about Jared Kushner and Cynthia Nixon’s bagel order, and Russian Doll tweets. But there’s one segment of Twitter that could actually make your scrolling experience meaningful: rabbis.

Shavuot Is About A Poor Convert — Would Your Community Welcome Her Today?

Sharon Weiss-Greenberg, Forward, 06/04/2019

Can we, or do we, see past the labels to create an inclusive community where those born in the margins need not remain there? The story of Ruth raises issues that are atypical from much of our biblical narrative, and Gleanings: Reflections on Ruth, a new anthology of modern commentaries on Ruth, edited by Stuart Halpern (Yeshiva University Press/Koren Publishers 2019), seeks to answer some of those questions.

A-Wa, a Band of Yemenite Jewish Sisters, Wants You to Feel at Home

Emily Burack, Alma, 05/29/2019

Let us introduce you to a band of sisters with the last name Haim. No, not the ones you’re thinking of. Tair, Liron, and Tagel Haim are sisters from southern Israel, and together they form a band called A-WA (Arabic for “Yes,” pronounced AY-wah).

Her home-cooked Yemenite Jewish food is an homage to family, and now a business

Alix Wall, J, 05/21/2019

For Israelis living abroad, one bite of the traditional flaky Yemenite Jewish pancake called malawach can transport them back home.

The Ethiopian Israeli Artist Whose 'Black Art' Gives Power to the People

Vered Lee, Haaretz, 05/10/2019

Nirit Takele says she has always painted about the disadvantaged Ethiopian community; it’s not some stream of ‘black art’ shown for the trendy in New York or London

Jews of Color Share Stories in ‘True Colors’

Gerri Miller, Jewish Journal, 05/01/2019

Spinak hopes that “by understanding the pain and struggles and obstacles and the triumphs of Jews of color, those of us who are not part of that group will have greater understanding and can act with greater kindness in the future."

Venezuelan comic of Jewish descent pokes fun at stereotypes

Laura Bonilla, The Times of Israel, 04/22/2019

Red-haired tornado of energy Joanna Hausmann likes to explore how puzzled Americans are when she says she’s Latina

Yes, You Can And Should Bring Beyonce Into Your Seder

Jenny Singer, The Forward, 04/17/2019

The 37-year-old icon’s voice whisks over the melody of “Lift Every Voice And Sing,” the African American national anthem, like a flag planted triumphantly on a battlefield.

9 writers who perfectly capture what it’s like for Jews of color

Nylah Burton, JTA, 03/27/2019

As a black Jewish writer, I obviously want to read books written by and highlighting the stories of Jews of color. That’s easier said than done, though. It’s not that these stories don’t exist — Jewish literature is an amazing, rich genre of diasporic Jewish stories.