` Children’s Books – Be'chol Lashon

Let's Talk About Race

Julius Lester (author) and Karen Barbour (illustrator), , 04/23/2020

In this acclaimed book, Julius Lester shares his own story as he explores what makes each of us special.

Nappy Hair

Carolivia Herron (author) and Joe Cepeda (illustrator), , 01/01/1997

A lively, empowering story about Brenda's knotted-up, twisted, nappy hair and how it got to be that way!

I Am the Tree of Life: My Jewish Yoga Book

Mychal Copland and Andre Coelin, Apples & Honey Press, 04/01/2020

The Torah is called the Tree of Life. Just as a tree is always growing and changing, the Torah's ideas can help us grow and change, too. Yoda can do the same. Both can help us strengthen ourselves, calm our minds, and learn to appreciate the world around us.

A Persian Princess

Barbara Diamond Goldin and Steliyana Doneva, Apples & Honey Press, 02/01/2020

Raya can't be in the Purim play this year--Purim will be no fun at all! But, Raya's grandmother, Maman joon, shares her sparkly scarves and Persian traditions with her. Together they discover how to make their American Purim uniquley Persian, delicious, and fun.

Color Me In

Natasha Díaz, Delacorte Press, 08/20/2019

Growing up in an affluent suburb of New York City, sixteen-year-old Nevaeh Levitz never thought much about her biracial roots. When her Black mom and Jewish dad split up, she relocates to her mom's family home in Harlem and is forced to confront her identity for the first time.

Ezra's BIG Shabbat Question

Aviva L. Brown and Anastasia Kanavaliuk, SpringLight Publishing, 07/30/2019

Ezra LOVES questions! Follow his adventure, which will leave your little one in stitches of laughter.

The Length of a String

Elissa Brent Weissman, Dial Books, 05/01/2018

Imani knows exactly what she wants as her big bat mitzvah gift: to find her birth parents. She loves her family and her Jewish community in Baltimore, but she has always wondered where she came from, especially since she's black and almost everyone she knows is white. Then her mom's grandmother--Imani's great-grandma Anna--passes away, and Imani discovers an old journal among her books.

This Is Just a Test

Wendy Wan-Long Shang and Madelyn Rosenberg, Scholastic Inc, 03/26/2018

David Da-Wei Horowitz has a lot on his plate. Preparing for his upcoming bar mitzvah would be enough work even if it didn't involve trying to please his Jewish and Chinese grandmothers, who argue about everything. But David just wants everyone to be happy.

Queen of the Hanukkah Dosas

Pamela Ehrenberg, Farrar, Straus and Giroux, 10/10/2017

In this sweet and humorous picture book, a multicultural family (Mom's Indian, Dad's Jewish) celebrate Hanukkah while incorporating traditional Indian food.