Why the Hottest Italian Restaurant in San Francisco Has Jewish Stars on the Menu

Rachel Ringler, My Jewish Learning, 09/16/2019

Celebrating centuries-old dishes from Italy's Jewish ghettos.

Persian Upside-Down Cake with Dates and Cardamom

Tannaz Sassooni, My Jewish Learning, 09/10/2019

A sweet tribute to Persian Rosh Hashanah traditions.

Buenos Aires’ Famed ‘Mishiguene’ Restaurant Is Popping Up In NYC

Michael Kaminer, The Forward, 09/06/2019

Tomas Kalika expands ideas of Jewish food by exploring recipes from the Jewish Diaspora.

Light and Sweet

Leah Koenig, Tablet, 06/04/2019

Because I primarily ate rice pudding at these diners, the dish always felt more connected to my Midwestern roots rather than my Jewish heritage. But while researching dishes to include in The Jewish Cookbook—my forthcoming collection of global Jewish recipes—I discovered that rice pudding has a definitive place in the Jewish kitchen, particularly within Sephardi cuisine.

Business Booms for Sephardic Food

Esther Levy-Chehebar, Tablet, 05/21/2019

I’m convinced that the pillars of my grandmother’s home are seasoned with allspice—the indispensable condiment that flavors many of the Egyptian and Syrian dishes she cooked for us growing up. It’s clichéd to say that food is the lifeblood of Sephardic Jews, yet anytime an outsider asks what differentiates my Middle Eastern community from others of, say Eastern European origin, I’m compelled to address our diet.

Teff Matzah: A Passover Experiment

Andrew Esensten, Jewish&, 04/26/2019

A kosher for Passover alternative to injera...that we don't recommend.

Kitniyot: Cultural Appropriation or Cultural Appreciation?

Ruth Abusch-Magder, Jewish&, 04/11/2019

Jews discuss the merits of globalizing Jewish Passover traditions and awareness

Haroset from around the world

Sybil Kaplan, Canadian Jewish News, 04/08/2019

What Passover seder symbol is found in the traditions of all Jewish communities, but is not mentioned in the biblical passage that enjoins us to eat the paschal offering, matzah and bitter herbs? Haroset.

Passover with Be'chol Lashon & Haggadot.com

Al Rosenberg, OneTable.org, 04/04/2019

We got together with some of the incredible folks at Be’chol Lashon and Haggadot.com to talk all things Seder.