` Food – Be'chol Lashon

Try These Japanese Tempura Latkes (Caviar Optional)

Dee Sanae, Jewish&, 12/08/2020

Black-Japanese-Jewish diversity advocate shares unique Hanukkah recipe.

Tishpishti For A Sweet Sukkot

Susan Barocas, Jewish Federation of Atlanta, 10/01/2020

For the perfect traditional treat, enjoy Tishpishti with a cup of mint tea or strong Turkish coffee.

Discovering Yom Kippur Tradition and a Beautiful Break-Fast Pastry in Mumbai

Shulie Madnick, Food Wanderings, 09/21/2020

Last year, I made my first visit to Mumbai to walk in my mom’s proverbial footsteps and discover my Indian-Jewish heritage.

Have a sweet new year with this apple honey baklava and Indian rice pudding

Faith Kramer, J. The Jewish News of Northern California, 09/14/2020

Sample some new High Holiday dessert traditions this year with an apple honey baklava and an Indian-inspired rice dessert made in a slow cooker.

Gabonese Jew Brings Tastes of Africa to Shabbat Table

Aliya Bertout, Jewish&, 09/10/2020

Recipe: Chicken Mafe, a flavorful West African dish.

Rosh Hashanah Recipes: Moroccan Fish, Apple Cake

Daniella Bensimon, Jewish&, 08/27/2020

Bay Area chef shares favorite Israeli-Moroccan dishes.

Icelandic Jewish cookies: A dessert with a fascinating story to tell

Rachel Ringer, JTA, 08/05/2020

You’ve heard of the wandering Jew, but have you heard of the wandering Jewish cookie?

Adapt and Adopt: The Evolution of Latin American Jewish Cuisine

Roberto Loiederman, Jewish Journal, 07/27/2020

Jayne Cohen on the Latin American Jewish food story.

Kosher Syrian meze comes to Jerusalem

Linda Gradstien, Jerusalem Post, 05/17/2020

Each of the items on the platter I received was excellent. Each can be ordered separately as well. They are finger-food appetizers and beautiful looking as well as tasting.