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Black Jewish Educator Advocates for More Inclusive Classrooms

Team Be'chol Lashon, Jewish&, 07/09/2020

Former district school leader and author of forthcoming book on "identity safe classrooms" shares best practices.

How One Black Orthodox Jewish Woman Is Opening Minds in Her Brooklyn Community

Liana Satenstein, VOGUE, 06/30/2020

Less than two weeks after George Floyd’s killing at the hands of police in Minneapolis, Mayaan Zik, a Black Orthodox woman and longtime resident of the Crown Heights neighborhood of Brooklyn, stood on the main drag of Kingston Avenue, and introduced a number of speakers from both the Black and the Hasidic Jewish communities to kick off the rally, “Tahalucha for Social Justice.”

7 LGBTQ+ Jews of Color You Should Know

Team Be'chol Lashon, Jewish&, 06/30/2020

These talented people represent an array of Jewish experience and racial/ethnic identity.

My Grandpa Was Killed for Being a Jew in Ethiopia – Now I Fight for Black Lives in Israel

Ashager Araro, Jewish Journal, 06/25/2020

Being Black and Jewish, I was always very aware of anti-Semitism and racism.

My Jewish Experience: Creating Allies in the Fight Against Anti-Black Racism

Akilah Allen-Silverstein, Canadian Jewish Record, 06/25/2020

While I realize there isn’t an overwhelming number of people who look like me within the tight-knit Jewish community, we exist and we’re not going away.

For this Black Jewish leader, George Floyd protest movement shows some Americans finally get it

Alix Wall, JTA, 06/25/2020

Gamal Palmer has spent virtually his entire professional career working to advance racial diversity, equity and justice.

Rabbi Sandra Lawson on how not to treat Jews of color

Yonat Shirmon, Religion News Service, 06/25/2020

Asking someone about their Jewish story when you meet them is almost asking them what kind of underwear they’re wearing.

Jewish Groups Embrace BLM, With Conditions

Mari Cohen, Jewish Currents, 06/23/2020

IN AUGUST 2016, the Movement for Black Lives, a broad coalition of organizations associated with the Black Lives Matter movement, released a detailed platform that included a range of policy demands touching nearly every area of political concern, from criminal justice, to education, to the environment, to economics.

A call for a board quota for Jews of color is inspiring talk but not action — so far

Helen Chernikoff, The Forward, 06/19/2020

Four national organizations and three prominent synagogues have signed onto a letter that seized on a national debate about racism to push for change in the Jewish community.