` Identity – Be'chol Lashon

Navigating Life as a Transgender, Latinx Jew

Luce Rochwerger, Jewish&, 11/16/2020

My journey to self-acceptance, illustrated in the form of comics.

My Family Were Hidden Jews for Over 500 Years. Not Anymore.

Orge Castellano, Hey Alma, 11/09/2020

My family lived in fear as Crypto-Jews, but I'm proudly breaking the family tradition.

Meet Sandra Lawson: Musician, Activist And First Openly Gay, Black, Female Rabbi

Kaia Findlay and Frank Stasio, North Carolina Public Radio, 11/09/2020

In 2018, Sandra Lawson became the first openly gay, Black female rabbi in the world. But her path to rabbinical school was far from traditional.

Native American Jewish Judge Raquel Montoya-Lewis Wins Her Election

Emily Burack, Kveller, 11/04/2020

Montoya-Lewis, 52, who is Jewish and Pueblo, is set to serve a full six-year term.

Returning to My Indigenous Roots This Sukkot

Emily McDonnell, Jewish&, 10/06/2020

I implore the Jewish community to acknowledge the numerous homelands on which we reside in the United States.

Jewtina y Co. Website Celebrates Latinx Jews

Judy Bolton-Fasman, Jewish Boston, 10/05/2020

Latinx Jews have a new website dedicated to documenting and validating their experiences.

The American Jewish story needs to include more non-Ashkenazi Jews like me

Layla Rudy, JTA, 09/30/2020

I have never met that level of blatant hostility, but now, venturing out of my community and onto a university campus in Brooklyn and now Montreal, I do encounter confusion and questioning when I tell classmates that I’m a Syrian Jew. I’m often met with, “There are Jews in Syria?”

'We Jews are not a race': A rabbi of color speaks personally on Yom Kippur

Angela Warnick Buchdahl, Forward, 09/28/2020

I know what you’re thinking. I don’t exactly have the “Jewish look.” You think of Jews as a people, with Jewish surnames, Jewish features, even our own genetic diseases. I understood what the community was telling me. That Jewish peoplehood was akin to race. Something immutable and hereditary. An exclusive club you had to be born into. And even though I had a Jewish father, with my Asian-American face, I would never really be Jewish.

Lenny Kravitz talks about his Jewish upbringing

Jerusalem Post Staff, Jerusalem Post, 09/27/2020

“I am deeply two-sided,” Kravitz said in his memoir, according to the New York Times. “Black and white. Jewish and Christian. Manhattanite and Brooklynite.”