‘We Jews had nowhere to go’: Shanghailanders step into the spotlight to tell their stories

Gabriel Greschler, The J., 09/12/2019

As a 6-year-old Jewish girl in Berlin in 1939, Helga Silberberg was about to start a tumultuous journey.

Farm Girl Molly Yeh Cooks Up Jewish and Chinese

Gerri MIller, Jewish Journal, 09/04/2019

Molly Yeh is of Jewish and Chinese heritage, and she uses that unique culinary perspective to blend both influences in the innovative cuisine she prepares on her Food Network show “Girl Meets Farm.”

Gay, Woman and Rabbi: Lisa Edwards

Kirby Goodman, World Union for Progressive Judaism, 09/04/2019

Pioneering rabbi talks her career, progressive Jewish issues.

Fostering Inclusion at Hillel

Humans of Hillel, Hillel International, 09/03/2019

Humans of Hillel highlights the identities of Jewish college students. Learn from students about why Hillel is meaningful to their Jewish identities. 

As an Afro-Caribe Jew, I shouldn't have to prove my identity

Taj Harper Benaim, Heyalma, 08/30/2019

An Afro-Caribe woman shares how she reclaims her Jewish identity: "Jewish people exist in Latin America and the Caribbean so afrodescendientes with Jewish ancestry isn’t that uncommon."

New group for Jewish teens of color to hang out and ‘smash systems of oppression’

Tova Ricardo, The J., 08/28/2019

"Being with each other as Jews of color is a radical act."

Accidental Racism in the Jewish World

Aryeh Ho, Aish, 08/24/2019

A “harmless” joke highlights the problem of racial sensitivity in some sectors of the Jewish community.

Gamal Palmer: On Being Black, Gay, and Jewish in America

Jeffery Masters, Advocate, 08/21/2019

The activist discusses the disbelief people express when they find out he's Jewish.

Wandering in translation, learning to speak the language of my people

Tova Ricardo, J. The Jewish News of Northern California, 08/12/2019

Due to diasporic persecution and the pressures of cultural conformity, I cannot speak a language murdered out of my bloodline.