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How to host a socially distanced, international Passover Seder

Sarah Bunin Benor, The Forward, 03/24/2020

I am planning an international seder, incorporating songs, phrases, foods, and traditions from Jewish communities around the world — in an attempt to connect, at least symbolically, with the millions of Jews celebrating isolated Sedarim this year worldwide.

Jews Are An Indigenous People. Let’s Decolonize Our Identity.

Karen Leherman Bloch, Jewish Journal, 03/24/2020

Friedman believes the growing gap between Israel and the mostly Ashkenazi Diaspora stems from a lack of acceptance that Israel is Middle Eastern.

The Sephardi Democrat serving as Maryland’s first Orthodox legislator

Gabby Deutch, Jewish Insider, 03/09/2020

Dalya Attar says 'it's in our Torah that you have to help others, whether or not they look like you'.

Unsung Women | The wife of Dunash ibn Labrat: An enigmatic Sephardi poet

Irene Conelly, The Forward, 03/01/2020

The anonymous wife of Dunash ibn Labrat.

From Chinese or Jewish to Chinese AND Jewish

Jade Groobman, Jewish&, 02/26/2020

Camp Be'chol Lashon counselor learns to embrace her dual identity.

Israel’s Rihanna Is Arab and Jewish

Matti Friedman, The New York Times, 02/26/2020

A Muslim-born pop star who converted to Judaism and sings in Arabic and Hebrew has captured the country’s heart.

Black Jewish chef serves lessons with her meals

Kiya Edwards, KARE 11, 02/20/2020

Diversity, teachable moments, and, of course, food are on the menu for this Twin Cities chef.

The first black U.S. senator lived an extraordinary life

Erin Blakemore, National Geographic, 02/20/2020

Hiram Revels subverted slave states and recruited soldiers in the Civil War. In the 150 years since his election, he remains one of only 10 black senators ever.

Judaism: The Next Chapters

Tova Harris, Jewish&, 02/19/2020

Building on a multicultural past to imagine the Jewish future.