Facing the Charge of Racism: Research on Jewish Student Identity

Aryeh Weinberg, Be'chol Lashon, 02/19/2019

The most effective defense against charges of racism is to embrace and celebrate the full spectrum of Jewish identity.

Surveying the Jewish Population in the United States

Gary A. Tobin and Sid Groeneman, Institute for Jewish & Community Research, 01/01/2003

These numbers strengthen the argument of those who advocate more vigorous outreach to potential converts. If the Jewish community were to lower its severe ideological, emotional and structural barriers to conversion—barriers that it claims it does not have—it might find a ready audience of people open to the message of Judaism.

A Study of Jewish Culture in the Bay Area

Gary A. Tobin, Institute for Jewish & Community Research, 01/01/2002

The data provided by this study will help us understand the role that Jewish cultural encounters play in developing and strengthening American Jewish identity in order to reinforce and expand diverse expressions of Jewish identity, as well as to better plan and support the creative evolution of Jewish life in America through culture.

Racial Diversity and the American Jewish Community

Diane Tobin and Aryeh Weinberg, Journal of Jewish Communal Service, 12/29/2014

Best practices to build cultural competence in Jewish communal organizations.