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‘Just Mercy’ Is Streaming for Free This Month to Educate Viewers on Systemic Racism

Nora McGreevy, Smithsonianmag, 06/08/2020

The 2019 film, which chronicles criminal justice reform in Alabama, stars Michael B. Jordan as lawyer Bryan Stevenson.

A census question poses a dilemma for American Jews — are you white, and if so, what are your ‘origins’?

Ron Kampeas, JTA, 04/08/2020

It’s the ninth question on the census, and for many Jewish respondents, it’s a surprising — and sometimes unwelcome — invitation to consider who exactly they are.

The African-American Art Shaping the 21st Century

Staff, The New York Times, 03/19/2020

Kerry Washington on Beyoncé, Ta-Nehisi Coates on Kendrick Lamar, Oprah Winfrey on Toni Morrison, Issa Rae on ‘Scandal,’ and 31 other prominent black artists on the work that inspires them most.

How Black Culinary Historians Are Rewriting the History of American Food

Ruth Terry, Yes Magazine, 02/26/2020

African American food culture is one of the only aspects of African American identity that represents an unbroken line from Africa to present-day America.

The first black U.S. senator lived an extraordinary life

Erin Blakemore, National Geographic, 02/20/2020

Hiram Revels subverted slave states and recruited soldiers in the Civil War. In the 150 years since his election, he remains one of only 10 black senators ever.

New York City’s latest tactic to combat anti-Semitism: An ad campaign featuring diverse Jewish New Yorkers

Josefin Dolsten, Jewish Telegraph Agency, 02/19/2020

New York City is hoping that a new ad campaign will make Jewish New Yorkers feel comfortable despite a recent spate of anti-Semitic attacks.

Multiracial churches growing, but challenging for clergy of color

Adelle M. Banks, Religion News Service, 01/20/2020

For four hours at a megachurch outside of Dallas, pastors of color shared their personal stories of leading a multiethnic church.

Ten Years After “The New Jim Crow”

David Remnick, The New York Times, 01/20/2020

Sometimes a book comes along and, after it is absorbed into the culture, we cannot see ourselves again in quite the same way.

10 Thought-Provoking Movies to Watch on Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

Molly Pennington, Reader's Digest, 01/20/2020

Revisit the history of the Civil Rights era and the incredible legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. in these inspiring films.