They came for the World Cup and stayed for Shabbat

Dovid Margolin, SunSentinel, 06/28/2018

Soccer fans enjoy a kosher meal at the Chabad Jewish community center in Samara, Russia.

How Meghan Markle Made Sure Her Blackness Was Represented At The Royal Wedding

Paula Rogo, Essence, 05/19/2018

All eyes were on Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s royal wedding on Saturday.

Painting by Chicago artist Kerry James Marshall, bought for $25,000 in 1997, sells for $21.1 million

Robert Channick, Chicago Tribune, 05/18/2018

The sale price of “Past Times” was a record for Marshall and the most ever paid for the work of a living African-American artist, according to Sotheby’s.

The Racial Demagoguery of Trump’s Assaults on Colin Kaepernick and Steph Curry

David Remnick, The New Yorker, 09/23/2017

Every day, and in countless and unexpected ways, Donald Trump, the President of the United States, finds new ways to divide and demoralize his country and undermine the national interest.

Aug. 28, 1955: The day Emmett Till launched a movement

Ernie Suggs, myAJC, 08/24/2017

The lynching death of a 14-year-old black boy in Mississippi awakened the country to the horrors of racism

What Do Kids Need To Know About Race?

Avital Schriber Levy, Huffington Post, 08/24/2017

The goal of raising the next generation as race conscious and accepting human beings is one that I think needs to be placed firmly on our parental agendas.

The Dos and Dont's of Talking to Kids of Color About White Supremacy

Hillary Beard, Colorlines, 08/17/2017

Now that you’re settling into the reality that the images we saw from Charlottesville were from 2017 and not the days of Jim Crow, it’s time to get proactive about parenting during the Trump Era.

Do you have an old children’s book you love? Well, there’s a good chance that it might be racist

Grace Lin, PBS News Hour, 08/11/2017

Do you have an old children’s book you love? Well, there’s a good chance that it might be racist, says kids’ author Grace Lin. She offers her humble opinion on how you can keep loving your favorite classics while acknowledging the out-of-date or harmful parts.