Spain gets 127,000 citizenship applications from Sephardi Jews

BBC News, BBC, 10/01/2019

A deadline for Jews living outside Spain to request Spanish nationality has expired with 127,000 applications, most of them from Latin America.

Jewish Population Worldwide Hits 14.8 Million Ahead of Rosh Hashanah, The Algemeiner, 09/27/2019

The global Jewish population hovers around 14.8 million ahead of Rosh Hashanah, which marks the start of the Jewish new year 5780, according to estimates published by Professor Sergio Della Pergola of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem in the American Jewish Year Book 2019.

India Today, Home to Many Tibetan, Afghans, Africans and Many Other Ethnic and Religious Minorities

Surinder Jain, NewsGram Desk, 09/18/2019

Hindus have been the most tolerant and accepting of people fleeing their homelands.

600-Year Old Kadavumbhagam Synagogue in Kochi Collapses: A Look at History

TMN Staff, The News Minute, 09/11/2019

There were two synagogues in Mattancherry – one belonged to the white Jews while the oldest one belonged to the Black Jews.

A Jew’s death wakes up Kochi’s history

Nidheesh M.K., The Mint, 09/09/2019

The passing away of Sarah Cohen, 96, marks the end of a chapter in Kochi’s 2,000-year-old tale of multiculturalism.

Spanish city gathers descendants of Jews named after it

Cnaan Liphshiz, JTA, 08/23/2019

In a bid to reconnect with its Jewish history, the city of Marchena in southern Spain organized an international reunion for foreigners named after it.

Born and Raised in Israel, Moroccan Jew Sets Out to Find Erased Identity in Her Parents' Homeland

Khen Elmaleh, Haaretz, 08/09/2019

On a first visit to Africa's northwestern corner, Khen Elmaleh tackles cultural erasure and fulfills her grandfather's dream.

Ravaged by age, shrunk by immigration, India’s remaining Jews hang on

Briana Trujillo, Religion News Service, 08/07/2019

The Jews in this region of Kerala go by different names: Paradesi, Malabari, Baghdadi, Cochin, Indian. But time is quietly claiming this ancient community.

Kaifeng Synagogue (former), Kaifeng, China.

Diarna Digital Heritage Mapping, Diarna, 08/01/2019

Strategically located south of the majestic Yellow River, Kaifeng, formerly known as Bianlang, was one of the seven ancient capitals of China.