How My Hispanic-Filipino and Jewish Identities Come Together through Teaching

Anjelica Ruiz,, 06/04/2019

As someone who is half-Filipino and half-Hispanic and grew up in a diverse Dallas, TX, neighborhood, I never gave much thought to the politics of skin color and how that affected me – at least not until I entered the Jewish community.

Netanyahu: Israel Must Do More to Incorporate Ethiopian Jews, Combat Racism

Jeremy Sharon, The Jerusalem Post, 06/03/2019

The government must do more to integrate Israelis who immigrated from Ethiopia and to combat racism and discrimination against them, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Sunday.

A Sephardic Lag B’Omer

Samantha Cooper, Washington Jewish Week, 05/29/2019

Lag B’Omer, the 33rd day between Passover and Shavuot, is traditionally celebrated with bonfires, parades and weddings. But at Magen David Sephardic Congregation, the celebration is on the 34th day.

After centuries of persecution, ‘lost’ Brazilian Jews struggle to regain their place

Eduardo Campos Lima, Religious News Service, 05/28/2019

In the past few decades, Brazil has experienced an unexpected Jewish resurgence fueled by the descendants of Portuguese and Spanish Jews forced to convert to Christianity in colonial times, who have lately recovered their lost identity and faith.

Jewish center in Uganda dedicated to Yoni Netanyahu

The Jerusalem Post Team, The Jerusalem Post, 05/23/2019

The delegation also visited the old terminal in Entebbe, where the military operation to free the hostages, took place. Dr. Netanyahu said Kaddish and lit a memory candle in honor of Yoni.

Annual Jewish pilgrimage in Tunisia’s Djerba enhances tolerance and co-existence

BGMN, Tunisian Monitor Online, 05/23/2019

Hundreds of pilgrims flocked on Wednesday to the Ghriba synagogue on the Mediterranean island of Djerba where one of the last Jewish communities in the Arab world is still living there and seize the annual Jewish pilgrimage to the oldest synagogue to voice their wish for blessing.

One of Telemundo’s most famous soccer announcers is a proud Peruvian Jew

Emily Burack, JTA, 05/16/2019

Those who’ve watched that American Spanish language network during a World Cup, Olympics or other major soccer tournament have probably heard Sammy Sadovnik call a game. Sadovnik is a play-by-play announcer who has been with Telemundo since 2007, but he’s covered sports since 1989. He’s also a proud Jew from Peru who visits Israel every year, and a mentee of Andres Cantor, the Jewish Telemundo announcer who perhaps is most responsible for popularizing the “gooooaaaal” call in the English-speaking world.

The son of Holocaust hero Chiune Sugihara is setting the record straight about his father’s story

Cnaan Liphshiz, JTA, 05/16/2019

After decades of relative obscurity, the tale of the Japanese diplomat Chiune Sugihara has become one of the best-known Holocaust rescue stories, rivaling those of Oskar Schindler and Irena Sendler.

Ugandan Odyssey

Sophia Neiman, Baltimore Jewish Living, 05/09/2019

A visit with the Jewish community known as the Abayudaya proves to be a spiritually enriching experience.