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The story of the Jews of Burma

Julie L. Kessler, The Jerusalem Post, 09/13/2020

Like Israel, Burma has faced a plethora of challenges in the years since the heady days of independence.

Renowned Russian Museum Features Exhibit On Caucasus Mountain Jews

Mushvig Mehdiyev, Caspian News, 08/16/2020

The life of Mountain Jews living in different parts of Caucasus, including Azerbaijan, is being showcased at an exhibition by Jewish artist Rámi Méir, that kicked off at the State Museum of the East in Moscow.

Insijam's 'Arabist' founder helps Jews and Arabs do business

Hagay Hacohen, The Jerusalem Post, 08/09/2020

"Every Jewish person living here should know Arabic,” Levi said. “Knowing the culture of the other person is the best way to find a path into his or her heart.”

Beirut synagogue appears to suffer only minor damage from deadly blast

Cnaan Liphshiz, The Forward, 08/07/2020

A photograph said to be of Beirut’s only synagogue shows minor damage to the interior of the 95-year-old building from a blast this week in the city.

Rabbi Ezekiel Nissim Musleah, 92, captivating reader of Torah

Penny Schwartz, JTA, 08/03/2020

When it came to chanting Torah, Rabbi Ezekiel Nissim Musleah was in a class by himself.

For Black British Jews, a walkout doesn’t solve Twitter’s anti-Semitism problem

PJ Grisar, The Forward, 07/28/2020

For some Black British Jews, caught in the middle, the Twitter boycott falls short and points to larger challenges.

Meet the new head of UK Jewry’s first-of-its-kind racial equality commission

Jenny Frazer, The Times of Israel, 07/24/2020

As US-inspired racial justice protests sweep the world, the British Board of Deputies assigns Stephen Bush to listen to British Jews of color and implement policy change.

Jewish Groups Embrace BLM, With Conditions

Mari Cohen, Jewish Currents, 06/23/2020

IN AUGUST 2016, the Movement for Black Lives, a broad coalition of organizations associated with the Black Lives Matter movement, released a detailed platform that included a range of policy demands touching nearly every area of political concern, from criminal justice, to education, to the environment, to economics.

How Public Opinion Has Moved on Black Lives Matter

Nate Cohn and Kevin Quely, New York Times, 06/10/2020

In the last two weeks, American voters’ support for the Black Lives Matter movement increased almost as much as it had in the preceding two years.