The Everything Judaism Book: A Complete Primer to the Jewish Faith-From Holidays and Rituals to Traditions and Culture

Product Description
Shalom! and welcome to the joys and wonders of this fascinating religion!

Judaism has survived for four millennia-and many of its customs, laws, and traditions have remained exactly the same today as in the days of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. The Everything® Judaism Book explains the major precepts of this robust religion in language anyone can understand and appreciate.

From High Holy Days, such as Passover and Yom Kippur, to symbols and objects, such as the Star of David and the tallis prayer shawl, Jews and non-Jews alike will gain new understanding and insights into the rich diversity and seemingly endless complexity of Jewish practices and culture. Authoritative and thought-provoking, The Everything® Judaism Book has been exhaustively reviewed for accuracy by Orthodox Rabbi Jacob Rosenthal and Reform Rabbi Robert Leib.

Among the questions discussed:

-How do Jews study the Torah (the five books of Moses)?

-Why do Jews keep kosher?

-Is there an afterlife?

-What are the differences between Reform, Conservative, Orthodox, and Hasidic Judaism?

-What do the mezuzah, the yarmulke, and the menorah symbolize?

-How can you tell a good bagel?

The Everything® Judaism Book is a terrific introduction if you’re learning the religion for the first time, a great way to brush up on facts you may have forgotten from Hebrew school, and the perfect mitzvah (good deed) gift for a friend or relative.