Ameenah K.

I am married with a kid and living in Los Angeles. Many of my friends are single. They like to complain to me about how hard it is to find someone to love. (I like to complain about how hard it is living with someone you love.) This is my way of trying to get them off of my back. Every week I’ll post a new single peep, or someone new I meet who might be good for one of my peeps. If you’re interested in anyone you see on My Single Peeps, send an e-mail and a picture, including the person’s name in the subject line, to, and we’ll forward it to your favorite peep.

I met Ameenah when I was in sixth or seventh grade at “Jew camp.” She stuck out like a sore thumb … because she’s so funny. Oh, and she’s black. And there weren’t many black Jews at Jew camp.

No matter where we were in our lives, Ameenah and I always managed to stay in touch. And we often ended up living in the same cities. We’ve both been in Los Angeles for years now, struggling as artists … that is, if you can call having more money than you know what to do with a struggle. I just bought a Maserati and then cut off the top and let the homeless people in my neighborhood use it for a bathroom. That’s just how I roll. Don’t ask me why there are so many homeless people in my neighborhood — I don’t need you people finding holes in my logic. This is about Ameenah, not me … so focus.

Ameenah worked for years performing in the original cast of “Stomp” on Broadway. When we were 15, I showed her how to do a drum lick called a paradiddle. Since then, she’s turned into a sick drummer, and the only thing I still know how to do is a paradiddle. I walk around tapping my hands on my chest, and she’s playing percussion with Rihanna on the American Music Awards. TomAYto, tomAHto.

She can be intense. She’s opinionated and is not afraid to speak her mind. She’s really serious about what she does and tends to use terms like “my craft” when referring to acting. I just call it by the term my wife always uses — “The stupidest decision I’ve ever made.”

Although very much a tomboy and the kind of girl who can “roll with the boys,” she’s all woman. She’s got big, beautiful eyes, and she’s in unbelievable shape, with every muscle clearly defined. She dances and choreographs and has won more awards than I can mention.

She likes her men confident, and she doesn’t discriminate against race, creed, color or religion. But she does discriminate against stupid. So, don’t forget to bring your brains.

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