Is Israel losing the battle?

The de-legitimization of Israel is being perpetuated by the Jewish state’s lack of a concrete plan to counter a new generation of anti-Israeli attitudes amongst both the American Jewish community and on college campuses.

With regards to college campuses, this is not an issue of bigoted anti-Semitism; rather, it is a case of educated and intelligent young adults who have been easily and convincingly swayed by an overwhelmingly powerful Palestinian narrative.

Even more troubling is that these well-educated, anti-Israel activists are the future of America and its leadership. This is a new generation that is no longer enamored with the State of Israel; rather, it is increasingly angry and cannot comprehend how America can maintain such steadfast support for the Jewish state.

It is this same generation that will be leading America over the next 50 years – a period that will prove to be ever so critical in terms of Israel’s prolonged survival.

As for the American Jewish community, there has been an increased disillusionment with the State of Israel’s policies. No longer is Israel the mighty David that defeated the Arab Goliath in a fight for its survival. Rather, it has become an added headache in trying to explain and understand Israel’s prolonged policies in a way that connects to their “American-Liberal” perspectives.

Own worst enemy

Although the majority of these American Jews may still profoundly support the conceptual idea of Israel, they are mentally exhausted in having to defend her, while at the same time feeling under appreciated as a bastion of support by Israel and its policymakers. It could be said that Israel is already losing the battle within future generations of non-American Jews; however, it still has the opportunity to positively influence the hearts and minds of the Jewish community.

The existential threat that Iran poses to Israel is not nearly as threatening as is the one coming from those that will eventually be influencing American foreign policy and its policies towards Israel. In this sense, Israel is its own worst enemy, slowly fulfilling a self-professing prophecy of an “existential threat” by not having the proper resources in place to educate some of America’s youngest and brightest minds.

The battle for Israel will not be won by its superior military capabilities. Conversely, it will be achieved via the media, on American college campuses and by a tailored rapprochement with the disenfranchised American Jewish community.

The author holds an MA in Diplomacy from Tel Aviv University and works in Tel Aviv as a journalist and linguistic editor