El Al’s officers visited Argentina to launch the company’s Non-stop flight to Brazi

Itongadol/AJN.- El Al, National Airline of Israel, announced that as of March 2, it will start performing non-stop flights between Tel Aviv and San Pablo. Talking to the Jewish News Agency (Agencia Judia de Noticias, AJN) the ailine’s CEO Haim Romano denyed the possibility of including Buenos Aires among its destinations because of “histortic and economic issues.” Nevertheless, the CEO confirmed that during his stay in Buenos Aires he would meet the Argentinean Transportation Secretary, Ricardo Jaime. clic

Israel’s El Al airlines launched in Buenos Aires its plans of direct flights between Tel Aviv and San Pablo, Brazil. Flights shall begin this coming May.

The presentation was made during a conference held by Haim Romano, the airline’s CEO, who, talking to AJN, denyed the possibility of establishing a direct route that includes Argentina.

“There are several reasons. One the one hand they’re historic and on the other, they’re economic. For the time being, extending flights to Argentina is not feasible because of the short demand of tickets,” said the CEO.

Nevertheless, Romano made it clear that during his stay in Buenos Aires, he would meet the Argentinean Transportation Secretary, Ricardo Jaime.

During the presentation of the Non-stop flight to San Pablo that took place at the Hotel Panameticano, El Al’s CEO was joined by Walter Wasercier, El Al’s CEO for Spain, Portugal and South America; as well as other officers.

El Al was established together with the State of Israel in 1948, and as of Augost of said year, it started performing commercial flights to Paris and Rome.

The Israel’s Airline, which was a state-owned company until its privatization in 2005, is ranked fourth by the international safety organisms as an airline that currently operates in routes to USA, Canada, the main cities of eastern and werstern Europe; Egipt and South Africa, and the Far East.

Romano explained that for El Al, starting these flights to South America is “highly important.” Such fligts will have a duration of 14 hours, which “thanks to the agreements established with the airlines that operate in the airport of San Pablo, it will allow passengers from all South America to travel to Israel.”

“Although Buenos Aires is an important destination for the company, for the moment, flights have not been scheduled to that city as Boeings lack the neccesary equipment to flight non-stop from Tel Aviv to the capital of Argentina,” explained the CEO.

Regarding the service that shall be offered in this new route, Romano declared that “it will be made with a Boing 777, which accounts for 281 passengers divided into Economy (235), Business (34) and First (12) class.”

The aircraft that is flying to Brazil “is valued for USD 130 million, and its weekly operational cost is UDS 1 millon.”

Romano also stressed that this flight will be “a direct route between Latin America and the Holy Land for six million christians (catholic, protestants, and evangelists, among others) and a bridge between the tens of millions of Jews who live in the region and their relatives and friends in Israel.”

“El Al is planning to offer a choice of tours, and for a little additional cost, tourists will have the possibility to stop in Europe; and, once in Tel Aviv, businessmen who travel to the East will have the possibility of transfering to flghts heading to Bombai, Hong Kong, and Beijing,” he added.

Regarding the quality of the service, Romano explained that “El Al is an airline that cares about passengers, providing them an excellent service. In this new route, Tel Aviv- San Pablo- Tel Aviv, the cost of the service is pretty low. Passengers coming from Buenos Aires will have to pay an extra amount of USD 100.”

Finally, Romano seemed “very optimistic” with respect to the new route to Brazil and he even emphazised that after a series of interviews with travel agents of that country, they asked him why El Al hasn’t implemented this direct flight earlier.


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