Water, The Gift of Life: Abayudaya Health Plan

The Abayudaya Jewish Community of Uganda is one of the many Jewish communities around the world in partnership with Be’chol Lashon. At the request of the Abayudaya leadership, Be’chol Lashon works with the community to build infrastructure, including providing medical care to all residents of their sub-county: Jewish, Christian, and Muslim.

All funds raised for the Abayudaya Health Plan have been matched dollar-for-dollar by a challenge grant, as will all the additional donations. This inspirational project is becoming a reality through your generosity.

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Well Report
The water from the borehole was tested by the Ugandan water authority for quality and reliability. We are delighted to announce that the water has received an excellent report.

Israel Siriri, the community engineer, has started laying the pipes to transport the water from the well to Nabagoye Hill, the site of the health clinic. He has also applied for a city electric line to run to the well site to power the electric pump. The local government will issue the permit within the next few weeks.

First Aid Room While the Medical Clinic is being built, an already existing room is being refurbished to serve as a first aid room to provide emergency care and preventative education for HIV and Malaria.

The plastering of the first aid room is now complete and a new ceiling and front door have been installed. The construction team is putting on the finishing touches, by installing the dispensing window and new doorframes, including mosquito screens. Additionally, the screens are being ordered for each of the homes to protect against mosquitoes.

Dr. Samson Wamani is purchasing medical supplies and he has approached the Mbale district director of health services to donate vaccines to augment the first aid room. The Abayudaya Health Committee is interviewing potential applicants to fill the positions of day and evening staff nurses.


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