Why are Jewish philanthropies supporting Media Matters?

Why are four Jewish community philanthropic foundations supporting an antisemitic website? Prof. Alan Dershowitz has brought appropriate attention to the antisemitism of Media Matters for America, and now thanks to the Daily Caller, it has been revealed that Media Matters has been receiving contributions from the Combined Jewish Philanthropies of Greater Boston, Inc; Community Foundation of United Federation of San Diego*; Jewish Communal Fund; Jewish Community Foundation of Cleveland. Clarice Feldman draws our attention to this bizarre fact at the PJ Tatler. She writes: “These organizations should be called to account for their actions by their own contributors.”

Indeed they should.

But the left wing takeover of Jewish philanthropy has been well underway for many years. Last year Allon Friedman and Elliot Bartky wrote about efforts to change the appropriation of funds intended for Jewish causes into leftist coffers. It is time for a revolution in Jewish philanthropy, purging the miscreants who divert funds to antisemites.

*Aaron Truax of the Jewish Federation of San Diego contacted us denying that the Jewish Community Federation has any relationship to the Jewish Federation of San Diego. The compilation of records published by the Daily Caller is found here, and on page 3, one sees: