Sarah Silverman Credits ‘Jewish Mother Fantasy Situation’ for Drake’s Instagram Love Declaration (VIDEO)

Sarah Silverman. Drake publicly declared his love for the Jewish comedian on Instagram. Photo: Americans United.

Jewish comedian Sarah Silverman said she was thrilled to learn that coreligionist rapper Drake has his eyes on her, and noted that it was most likely a result of their shared heritage.

Silverman made the lighthearted remarks during an appearance on Late Night with Seth Meyers on Thursday night when the host asked about Drake’s public declaration of love for Silverman. The popular singer posted on Instagram a picture of Silverman taken from the hallway backstage at Saturday Night Live, which Drake hosted last week and where Silverman was once a cast member.

Drake, 29, captioned the photo “I do,” alongside an engagement ring emoji and the letters “WCE,” which stand for Woman Crush Everyday.

“I was excited of course,” Silverman told Meyers, adding, “listen; he’s half Jewish, I’m sure he has a Jewish mother fantasy situation…”

The comedian, who is dating actor Michael Sheen, added that right after the picture was posted, “I looked at my phone and I had 16 texts from all my young comedian friends that call me mum and it was very cool, they were very excited.”

Watch Sarah Silverman talk about Drake’s crush on her in the video below: