120 hours in Ethiopia: From Jewish miracle workers to Shabbat in Gondar

Carmel Madadshahi, Jerusalem Post, 03/12/2020

I looked to the people around me who I had just met moments ago and saw the threads of life’s tapestry binding us together. It was a connection to my religion that I had never experienced.

Being Black And Jewish Means Constantly Being Asked To Choose

Marra B. Gad, Forward, 11/13/2019

The following is an excerpt from “The Color of Love” by Marra B. Gad, which was published this month by Agate Bolden Books.

The Color of Love

Marra B. Gad, Agate Bolden, 11/12/2019

An unforgettable memoir about a mixed-race Jewish woman who, after fifteen years of estrangement from her racist great-aunt, helps bring her home when Alzheimer’s strikes.

Fostering Inclusion at Hillel

Humans of Hillel, Hillel International, 09/03/2019

Humans of Hillel highlights the identities of Jewish college students. Learn from students about why Hillel is meaningful to their Jewish identities. 

What It’s Like to Become the Voice of Your Generation—at Age 12

Susan Baer, The Washingtonian, 08/11/2019

Naomi Wadler was the breakout star of the 2018 March for Our Lives. She and her family never imagined the spectacular series of events that came next.

Getting Exactly What I Wanted for Father’s Day

Rabbi Victor S. Appell, Reformjudaism.org, 06/12/2019

My father’s birthday was June 17. As a result, his birthday sometimes fell on Father’s Day.

I'm Converting: One Mother's Unexpected Path To Judaism

Sophia Alvarez Boyd, NPR, 04/27/2019

After growing up in a non-denominational Protestant church, Jane Kemp made the decision seven years ago to convert to Judaism.

Reconsidering Moses: An Adoption Story

Jayne K. Guberman and Jennifer Sartori, Jewish Philanthropy, 04/17/2019

Rethinking the life of Moses through the eyes of adoptive mothers.

Asian Jew or Jewish Asian

Emma Rosman, Shofar, 02/27/2019

The unique combination of these words shape who I am as an individual. I’ve recently thought about which word comes first-- am I an Asian Jew or a Jewish Asian?


The F Word: A Foster to Adopt Story (season 2)

Shekhiynah Lar, , 01/01/1970

The F Word is an honest yet humorous story of queer couple, Nicole and Kristan’s, journey into parenthood as they seek to adopt a child from foster care in Oakland. They introduce us to many voices in the foster care world including birth families, foster youth, and adoptees, learning from them as they wrestle with the systemic racism and classism they discover along the way.

Race in America: It's Personal

Gal Adam Spinrad, Jewish&, 07/11/2016

It’s personal. Those men, those boys, those women who have been killed for being black, Whose names are a list we read and reread and speak and call out to remember, Those precious lives that matter, They could be my son. They are my son. My son’s life matters.

Race: Pushing Myself & the Jewish Community

Diane Tobin, Jewish&, 06/22/2016

The need for Be’chol Lashon’s work to create a racially and ethnically inclusive Jewish community is greater than it has ever been.

Breaking the Cycle of Unwelcome in Jewish Life

Alexandra Newman, Jewish&, 01/05/2016

When my sister and I walk into any Jewish setting we can get looked at differently and asked strange questions. This is because I am the white biological child of two white parents, and my sister is biracial adopted child of the same two white parents.

A Letter to My Son

Gal Adam Spinrad, Jewish&, 04/15/2015

You were two days old, and we had known about you for just one day, since the adoption agency director had come to find me the day before to tell me that a baby had been born whom she believed was meant to be our son

My Daughter is as Beautiful as a Doll

Rabbi Tziona Szajman, Jewish&, 04/08/2015

When my husband and I decided to adopt our daughter, we studied and discussed what it would be like as white Jewish parents raising an African American child.

Black, Jewish, and Adopted

Sabine Heinlein, Tablet Magazine, 02/26/2015

What's It Like To Be Black And Have A Famous Nazi Grandfather

Avner Shapira, Haaretz, 02/11/2015

An odd series of events led Jennifer Teege to discover that her grandfather was none other than the notorious Nazi Amon Goeth.

What Happens When Transnational Adoptees Learn About Race?

Collier Meyerson, Talking Points Memo, 01/30/2015

She wasn't half-black like me, I was sure of that. But since we were at Shul, I determined she was Jewish like me. And I'd never met another Jewish person who wasn't white.