When Life Changes Your Plans

Team Be'chol Lashon, Jewish &, 12/17/2018

A memoir of an American Jewish Indian adoptee.

Adoption files to be opened in lost Yemenite children affair

TOI Staff, The Times of Israel, 07/03/2018

Under new law, relatives who think their family members were kidnapped by the state can ask a senior social worker to check national records.

For sermons, teaching and discussions "To Save One Life..." Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur Sources on Orphans and Adoption

Rabbi Susan Silverman, Sefaria, 08/02/2017

Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur Sources on Orphans and Adoption

Learning from Laughter this Father’s Day

Michael J. DeYoung, Jewish&, 06/14/2017

A Father's Day tribute to the white grandfather who raised me to be a proud biracial Jewish man.

My Black Brother Deserves What I Have

Dahlia Spinrad, Jewish&, 12/06/2016

I want to help do something positive to raise awareness about the diversity of the Jewish community and our larger communities.

Breaking the Cycle of Unwelcome in Jewish Life

Alexandra Newman, Jewish&, 01/05/2016

For many of us going to a new synagogue or Jewish environment is tough. We spend time beforehand wondering if we will know anyone, will we feel comfortable, or something as simple as will anyone say hello to me.

My Chinese Daughter’s Jewish Roots

Cantor Jodi Schechtman, Jewish&, 04/28/2015

This is the final in a short series on adoption in Jewish families.

Eating Bacon?

Janaki Kuruppu, My Jewish Learning, 04/21/2015

"Did you like bacon before you were Jewish?" This question from one or both of my sons comes up periodically, at the dinner table, or in the car.

A Letter to My Son

Gal Adam Spinrad, Jewish&, 04/15/2015

This is the second in a short series about adoption and multiracial Jewish families that Be’chol Lashon will be running over the next few weeks.