Breaking the Cycle of Unwelcome in Jewish Life

Alexandra Newman, Jewish&, 01/05/2016

For many of us going to a new synagogue or Jewish environment is tough. We spend time beforehand wondering if we will know anyone, will we feel comfortable, or something as simple as will anyone say hello to me.

My Chinese Daughter’s Jewish Roots

Cantor Jodi Schechtman, Jewish&, 04/28/2015

This is the final in a short series on adoption in Jewish families.

Eating Bacon?

Janaki Kuruppu, My Jewish Learning, 04/21/2015

"Did you like bacon before you were Jewish?" This question from one or both of my sons comes up periodically, at the dinner table, or in the car.

A Letter to My Son

Gal Adam Spinrad, Jewish&, 04/15/2015

This is the second in a short series about adoption and multiracial Jewish families that Be’chol Lashon will be running over the next few weeks.

For Cryin’ Out Loud, It’s A Culture, Not A Race!

Deborah Jiang-Stien, Jewish&, 04/29/2014

There’s not a “look” to Jewish, you just are.

Becoming a Jewish Ethiopian American Family

Rabbi Tziona Szajman, Jewish&, 12/31/2013

How Is Biracialism Changing America – And The Jewish community?

Diane Tobin, RepairLabs in Social Justice, 02/10/2012

As the parent of a Black Jewish child, I want my son to feel at home in the Jewish community. It seems to me that it is in our self interest to welcome everyone with open arms, yet it occurs to me that we may need to be sensitive to what Alvin Toffler described in the 70’s as “Future Shock”

Bay Area Jewish parents accept joys, struggles of interracial adoption

Viki Larson, J., 10/08/2004

It isn’t too hard to pick out Ruthie Heller in her 12th-birthday photo, even if she weren’t wearing colorful balloons fashioned into a hat atop her head.

My Soul Has Found its Home

Shirley R. Gindler-Price, Jewish&, 01/01/2000

I was so happy to have found my way back to my spiritual roots that it had never occurred to me that some people wouldn’t be happy to see me.

What Happens When Transnational Adoptees Learn About Race?

Collier Meyerson, Talking Points Memo, 01/30/2015

She wasn't half-black like me, I was sure of that. But since we were at Shul, I determined she was Jewish like me. And I'd never met another Jewish person who wasn't white.

Twins separated at birth reveal their incredible reunion story

Maureen Callahan, New York Post, 10/19/2014

Cross-Cultural Parenting: Materialism vs Relationship

Rabbi Tziona Szajman, Jewish&, 08/19/2014

Do Trans-racial Adoptees Know Anything About Trans-racial Adoption?

Angela Tucker, The Adopted Life, 01/13/2014

Mazel Tov, Yuto

adm, Asian Jewish Life, 06/01/2013

Teen Travels to Native Guatemala for Mitzvah Project

Teresa Akersten, Patch, 11/14/2012