Uganda and the Jewish Question

David Breakstone, The Jerusalem Post, 07/24/2019

Diary of a week with the Abayudaya.

Chief Rabbi of Uganda Visits Yale

Asha Prihar, Yale Daily News, 09/04/2018

“My story’s about beginning, survival, and the future of our community,” Sizomu said in an interview with the News.

Proposed Israel Boycott at Top South African University Would Hit ‘Poor Black Students Disproportionately,’ Education Campaigner Says

Shiri Moshe, The Algemeiner, 09/27/2017

A South African activist who seeks improved access to higher education for black students has denounced an ongoing campaign at the University of Cape Town to implement an academic boycott of Israel, saying it would deprive disadvantaged communities of critical opportunities.

Who wants to be a Jew? - The unlikely spread of Judaism in Africa

Lagos, The Economist, 05/28/2016

Israel’s Jewish Agency last month recognized the Abayudaya as Jews, meaning that they are allowed to emigrate to Israel. There is a precedent. Since the 1980s more than 90,000 Ethiopian Jews did so after Israel’s rabbis accepted them into the fold.

Lemba Jewish Rights: A case for Religious Freedom

KEN SIBANDA, The Jerusalem Post, 03/28/2016

Rabbi elected as first Jewish member of Ugandan Parliament

Rich Tenorio, Jewish Journal, 03/26/2016

Rabbi Elected to National Office in Africa

Diane Tobin, Jewish&, 02/25/2016

Yes, it’s true. The Chief Rabbi of Uganda has been elected to parliament in his home country. A remarkable feat for a rabbi outside of Israel, not easily achieved.

New heritage foundation for the Lembas

YAHGOZIEM, YahgozieMedia, 04/16/2015

Passover and the Need for Wiser Questions

Rabbi Ruth Abusch-Magder and PhD, , 03/31/2015

In college, David Abusch-Magder (then David Abusch) decided to take a class in African dance. Over the years he had watched every semester as the class was often held outside. People seemed to be having fun and the movement was so easy and fluid.

Celebrating Heroes During Black History Month

Team Be'chol Lashon, My Jewish Learning, 02/16/2015

Black history matters. Why? Because if black lives matter, so do our history. It also matters because, in truth, there is white history. That history has so many lies that its proponents’ greatest fears are truth and reality.

The World of Jewish Music

Cantor Rachel Stock Spilker, My Jewish Learning, 01/22/2015

There is a myth that Jewish music is "always in a minor key," and often echoes themes of pieces like "Hava Nagila" and "Kol Nidrei."