EyeSeeMe bookstore teaches children the value of African-American history

Tanisha Sykes, USA Today, 04/10/2019

"We have to feed our children positive images and tell the stories of our past because the nation would not be what it is today without those ancestors."

The first African-American female mayor in Chicago history will be Lori Lightfoot

Madeline Holcombe and Ray Sanchez, CNN, 04/03/2019

The next mayor will face issues like crime and police-community relations.

An ‘Intoxicating’ Singer, Whether It’s Green Day or ‘Oklahoma!’

Rob Weinert-Kendt, New York Times, 10/02/2018

Rebecca Naomi Jones, who has made her reputation in rock and pop musicals, will tackle a classic as Laurey in “Oklahoma!”

Exploding Myths About 'Black Power, Jewish Politics'

Leah Donnella, Code Switch, 06/04/2018

Many Americans tell the story of Black-Jewish political relations like this: First, there was the Civil Rights movement, where the two groups got along great.

How Meghan Markle Made Sure Her Blackness Was Represented At The Royal Wedding

Paula Rogo, Essence, 05/19/2018

All eyes were on Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s royal wedding on Saturday.

When Blacks and Jews Joined Forces To Defeat The KKK

A.J. Goldmann, The Forward, 05/17/2018

The film’s plea for Jews and Blacks to band together to combat white supremacy is a message shared the real Ron Stallworth.

When Black History Month and Torah Come Together

Dr. Tarece Johnson, Jewish&, 02/07/2018

A Black-Jewish poet pens Torah-inspired reflections for Black History Month.

Remembering Julius Lester — And a Stop Along His Spiritual Journey

Robin Washington, Jewish&, 01/25/2018

A meaningful and surprising first encounter creates lasting bond

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s Trip to the Holy Land

Andrew Esensten, Jewish&, 01/15/2018

What we can learn from MLK's most important trip of his life