When Blacks and Jews Joined Forces To Defeat The KKK

A.J. Goldmann, The Forward, 05/17/2018

The film’s plea for Jews and Blacks to band together to combat white supremacy is a message shared the real Ron Stallworth.

The Length of a String

Elissa Brent Weissman, Dial Books, 05/01/2018

Imani knows exactly what she wants as her big bat mitzvah gift: to find her birth parents. She loves her family and her Jewish community in Baltimore, but she has always wondered where she came from, especially since she's black and almost everyone she knows is white. Then her mom's grandmother--Imani's great-grandma Anna--passes away, and Imani discovers an old journal among her books.

When Black History Month and Torah Come Together

Dr. Tarece Johnson, Jewish&, 02/07/2018

A Black-Jewish poet pens Torah-inspired reflections for Black History Month.

Remembering Julius Lester — And a Stop Along His Spiritual Journey

Robin Washington, Jewish&, 01/25/2018

A meaningful and surprising first encounter creates lasting bond

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s Trip to the Holy Land

Andrew Esensten, Jewish&, 01/15/2018

What we can learn from MLK's most important trip of his life

Black Jewish Prayers for Dr. Martin Luther King, Shabbat and Everyday

Dr. Tarece Johnson, Jewish&, 01/10/2018

Not seeing her own experiences in the traditional Jewish prayer book, this Black Jewish woman wrote her own.

Trip to Africa Redefines Family for African-American Rabbi

Rabbi Isaiah Rothstein, Jewish&, 01/04/2018

Lessons learned in Rwanda in 2017 are inspiring a rabbi's work in the United States.

Turning A Daughter’s Short-Term Loss into a Long-Term Win

Victoria Washington, Jewish&, 11/07/2017

How one mom turned her professional loss into a parenting win.

The Racial Demagoguery of Trump’s Assaults on Colin Kaepernick and Steph Curry

David Remnick, The New Yorker, 09/23/2017

Everyday it seems Donald Trump, the President of the United States, finds new ways to divide and demoralize his country and undermine the national interest.

Audiologist hears call of Judaism, social justice activism

Patricia Corrigan, St. Louis Jewish Light, 09/16/2015

A family friend’s hearing problems first sparked Koach Baruch Frazier’s interest in audiology. What drew him to Judaism after growing up in Kansas City in a family with several African Methodist Episcopal pastors?

A Rabbi Mourns African American Christians

Isaiah Rothstein, My Jewish Learning, 07/16/2015

Yes…it was arson…

Passing for Black?: Another Perspective

Julius Lester, Jewish&, 07/07/2015

My maternal great-grandfather was a German Jewish immigrant named Adolph Altschul. His wife was a freed slave woman, Maggie Carson. She was so light-skinned she could have passed for white, and one of Adolph's and Maggie's daughters did when she grew up.

Praying For My Children After Charleston

Marcella White Campbell, Jewish&, 06/29/2015

It is an incredible act of hope, celebrating the week that has come and anticipating a week we are sure will follow. Shabbat after Shabbat, I have asked and prayed that my children be safe in the week to come.

Just Because I'm Jewish Doesn't Mean I'm Not Black

Evan Traylor, Reform Judaism, 06/22/2015

Growing up as a half-Black and half-White person who is also Jewish definitely raised some interesting questions and responses upon “revealing” my identity to my friends.

Born Jewish or Not, You Matter

Elle Shayna Wisnicki, Jewish&, 06/08/2015

The way I look - my golden complexion and the abundance of ringlet curls on my head - combined with the difference in my upbringing have always challenged my place in society and even in the Jewish community.

She's black, gay and soon you can call her 'rabbi'

Lauren Markoe, Religion News Service, 05/28/2015

"As the American Jewish community is becoming increasingly diverse through intermarriage, conversion and adoption, role models are a critical component of identity formation," said Diane Tobin, director of Be'chol Lashon.