Conservative Jewish leaders condemn Israel’s rejection of Ugandan Jews from immigrating

Shira Hanau, JTA, 01/27/2021

American Jews with ties to a small community of Jews in Uganda are condemning the Israeli Interior Ministry’s decision to reject the right of those Jews to immigrate to Israel.

Gabonese Jew Brings Tastes of Africa to Shabbat Table

Aliya Bertout, Jewish&, 09/10/2020

Recipe: Chicken Mafe, a flavorful West African dish.

Pride, no prejudice: we're young, Jewish and black

Karen Glaser, The JC, 01/31/2019

“When I tell them I’m Jewish, very awkward shock washes over their faces,” says the JCoss sixth former whose mother is Jewish, Israeli and Nigerian, and whose father is Nigerian and Scottish.

African Jewish communities get some mainstream recognition after years on the margins

Josefin Dolsten, JTA, 01/29/2019

The continued growth and greater acknowledgment of African Jewish communities

Singer and Actress Gives Her Voice to Jewish and Black Cultures

Alan Zeitlan, Algemeiner, 08/18/2018

Tatiana Wechsler will likely go down as the only actress to belt out a showstopper in a Yiddish musical, and then — less than a month later — play a member of the Nation of Islam in a theatrical production.


What’s in a Name? A Case Study of (Re)discovering Jewish Identity on (and off) an Unlikely African Archipelago

Shekhiynah Lar, , 01/01/1970

What happens when Christians today learn that some of their long-ago relatives were Jewish? The West African island nation of Cabo Verde offers an especially compelling place from which to explore this intriguing process because of the unexpected convergence of Jews and Africans on a remote archipelago in the North Atlantic.