New York City’s latest tactic to combat anti-Semitism: An ad campaign featuring diverse Jewish New Yorkers

Josefin Dolsten, Jewish Telegraph Agency, 02/19/2020

New York City is hoping that a new ad campaign will make Jewish New Yorkers feel comfortable despite a recent spate of anti-Semitic attacks.

What Is a Jew of Color?

Hen Mazzig, Jewish Journal, 01/30/2020

Although nowhere in Jewish texts and tradition was it ever suggested people with fair skin are superior, Jewish society is not immune to the disease of colorism.

In Light of Rising Anti-Semitism, Rethinking Black-Jewish Relations

Carly Pildis, Tablet, 01/29/2020

When we fight for a fairer and more just America, and we fight for it as proud Jews, we all win.

Meet Moses Elisaf, The First Jewish Mayor In Greece, The Cradle Of Democracy

Matt A. Hanson, The Forward, 07/05/2019

Despite centuries of widespread anti-Semitism in Greece, a Jewish man becomes the mayor of a Greek city.

I'm Black and Jewish. Ilhan Omar's Tweet - And the Backlash - Are Tearing Me Apart

Tema Smith, The Forward, 02/12/2019

Yesterday, I opened my Twitter timeline to find friends, allies, and colleagues pitting racism and anti-Semitism against each other.

Proposed Israel Boycott at Top South African University Would Hit ‘Poor Black Students Disproportionately,’ Education Campaigner Says

Shiri Moshe, The Algemeiner, 09/27/2017

A South African activist who seeks improved access to higher education for black students has denounced an ongoing campaign at the University of Cape Town to implement an academic boycott of Israel, saying it would deprive disadvantaged communities of critical opportunities.

How Jewish “Whiteness” Perpetuates Anti-Semitic Domination

Dani Ishai Behan, The Times of Israel, 09/24/2017

If an American Jew from the early/mid 20th century were ever transported to the present, they’d be incredulous at how today’s anti-Semites (white nationalists notwithstanding) not only consider Jews “white,” but fiercely object to any Jew who dares to assert otherwise. Such is the amorphous nature of anti-Semitism, constantly shape-shifting in accordance with whatever the prevailing zeitgeist happens to be.

The Dos and Dont's of Talking to Kids of Color About White Supremacy

Hillary Beard, Colorlines, 08/17/2017

Now that you’re settling into the reality that the images we saw from Charlottesville were from 2017 and not the days of Jim Crow, it’s time to get proactive about parenting during the Trump Era.

Yemeni Jews brought to Israel in secret mission

Staff, BBC, 03/21/2016

Some of the last remaining Jews in war-torn Yemen have been brought to Israel in a secret mission. The Jewish Agency, which is responsible for Jewish immigration to Israel, said 19 people had arrived in recent days, among them a rabbi carrying a 500-year-old Torah scroll.

Many Homelands, One Identity for Norwegian American Jewish Teen

Aryeh Lande, Jewish&, 03/08/2016

I am a Norwegian-American Jew. I have had the privilege of traveling to Norway multiple times every year with my family. Through my experiences, I have acquired an undying love for Norway, its vibrant culture, its rich history and its remarkable people. I also care deeply about my Judaism.

Caught In The Middle In New Campus Wars

Hannah Dreyfus, The Jewish Week, 12/09/2015

Collision of racial justice, Israel, free speech issues putting Jewish students in bind. "The Israel question has morphed into an issue about race and identity rather than a conversation about policy," said Weinberg. director of research at Be'chol Lashon.

Matisyahu: I Felt Physically Threatened by pro-Palestinian Protesters at Spanish Festival

Staff, Haaretz, 08/31/2015

Rototom Sunsplash festival initially disinvited reggae singer following pressure from BDS movement, but backtracked following international outrage.

Trevor Noah Is A Quarter Jewish. Does That Make His Anti-Semitic Jokes OK?

Karen Grigsby Bates, npr, 03/26/2015

Noah Trevor, the new host of 'The Daily Show', is a globally successfully comedian whose repertoire includes riffs on race and ethnicity. What some people may not know is that Noah is multiracial: his father is Swiss, and his South African mother is biracial — Xhosa and Jewish.

How Terror Attack Hits Raw Nerve for Jews Like Me

Laurent-David Samama, Forward, 01/07/2015

Paris, my city, is under attack. All of France is shocked and shattered. Like all French citizens, my particular community – the Jewish community – is reeling from the news.