Jews Of Color Press For Acceptance

Hannah Dreyfus, The Jewish Week Media Group, 10/06/2016

With race at the center of the national conversation, multicultural Jews walk line between ‘otherness’ and belonging.

Jewish and Asian: Intermarriages that yield Jewish kids

Lauren Markoe, Religion News Service, 07/08/2016

Noah Leavitt and Helen Kiyong Kim’s marriage is one of an increasing number of Jewish-Asian pairings in the U.S., a trend evident in many American synagogues. The two Whitman College professors have just released the first book-length study of Jewish-Asian couples and their offspring.

Lessons Learned from Multicultural Jewish Asian Families

Team Be'chol Lashon, Jewish&, 06/28/2016

What does it mean to be Jewish and Asian? Amidst the complex conversations about race in America comes JewAsian, a groundbreaking book that explores Jewish Asian identity, by Be'chol Lashon's Noah Levitt and Helen Kim.

The Year of the Bar Mitzvahs

Debbie Derby, My Jewish Learning, 02/04/2016

The “Derby Bunch”, or “Six Pack” as my parents like to call them, are a motley crew of grandkids – three of each gender – born within a six-year span to my two siblings and myself. And though all Jewish, we are spread across the ethnic and denominational map as well.

Funny - You Don't Look Jewish

Helen Kim, Whitman College, 05/11/2015

Contrary to previous studies on intermarriage that argue for the erosion of Judaism and Jewish identity, our work has demonstrated the opposite.

White Parents, Becoming a Little Less White

Jack Cheng, The New York Times, 04/15/2015

A few years ago, my wife casually mentioned that she doesn’t consider herself 100 percent white any more. She has blond hair, blue eyes and fair skin, and all of her ancestors have been Irish.

Ancient Chinese Community Celebrates Its Jewish Roots, and Passover

Becky Davis, The New York Times, 04/07/2015

It was an atypical scene on an atypical occasion: a Chinese celebration of Passover, the Jewish holiday commemorating the liberation of the Israelites from slavery in Egypt more than 3,000 years ago.

Q&A with Asian-Jewish researcher couple Helen Kim and Noah Leavitt

Julia Wiener, jta, 03/13/2015

Be'chol Lashon research scholars, Helen Kim and her husband, Noah Leavitt are the leading, and virtually only, experts on Asian-Jewish intermarriage in the United States.

'Fresh Off The Boat': Eddie and His Chinese-Jewish Rival

Julianne Hing, Color Lines, 03/11/2015

Welcome to “Fresh Off the Boat,” Episode 8, “Phillip Goldstein.” Phillip is Chinese, yes. He’s also the adopted son of Jewish parents.