Reconciling Asian-American Identity Within Transracial Adoptions

Mengwen Cao, New York Times, 02/14/2019

Mengwen Cao photographed and interviewed New Yorkers who were adopted from Asia and grew up in white families.

'Judaism Shouldn't Have to Stay Alive Only Because Jews Are Afraid of Everything Else'

Yair Ettinger, Haaretz, 01/14/2019

Rabbi Angela Buchdahl explains why she changed her mind on Jewish intermarriage, and what it's like to be the face of Judaism for many Americans, while not being kosher enough for Israel.

The Phenomenon Of Jewish-Asian Marriages

Sheldon Kirshner Kirshner, The Times of Israel, 10/20/2016

The face of intermarriage in the United States has changed significantly since the Supreme Court, in the 1967 landmark Loving v. Virginia case, ruled that race-based legal restrictions on marriage are unconstitutional.