Activist Naomi Wadler Celebrates Her Bat Mitzvah

Emily Burack, Kveller, 11/27/2019

Naomi Wadler made serious some waves in March 2018, when she was the youngest speaker at the March for Our Lives in Washington, D.C.

Tiffany Haddish Loves Being Jewish. We Talked to Her About It.

Emily Burack, Heyalma, 11/22/2019

The Black Jewish comedian opened up about her bat mitzvah, upcoming Netflix special, and why she wants her friends to study Torah.

The Length of a String

Elissa Brent Weissman, Dial Books, 05/01/2018

Imani knows exactly what she wants as her big bat mitzvah gift: to find her birth parents. She loves her family and her Jewish community in Baltimore, but she has always wondered where she came from, especially since she's black and almost everyone she knows is white. Then her mom's grandmother--Imani's great-grandma Anna--passes away, and Imani discovers an old journal among her books.


My Basmati Bat Mitzvah

Paula J. Freedman, Harry N. Abrams, 01/01/1970

With the cross-cultural charm of Bend It Like Beckham, this delightful debut novel is a classic coming-of-age story and young romance with universal appeal.


My Two Bat-Mitzvahs

Koca Wen, Forward, 01/01/1970

When do we become adults? When we experience our first tragedy? When we adopt adult responsibilities, and accept the weight of cultural expectations? When we undertake a coming of age ritual, like a bar mitzvah? For our Chinese-Jewish Mash-Up Koca Wen it was a mash-up of all of the above.

Emotional journey from Nicaragua to Judaism

Patricia Corrigan, J Weekly, 11/17/2011

The journey from a Catholic upbringing in Nicaragua to doing an aliyah at an East Bay synagogue in September was a long one. But Holvis Delgadillo relished the trip.