A Graphic Novel That Answers a Child’s Question About Being Biracial

Ed Park, The New York Times, 05/02/2019

For a person of color in America, the term person of color can be both useful and divisive, at once a form of solidarity and a badge of alienation. There’s a flattening effect, too: A multitude of ethnicities and cultures, with their own color-coded nuances, get crammed into the initials P.O.C. Among its many virtues, Mira Jacob’s graphic memoir, GOOD TALK (One World, $30), helps us think through this term with grace and disarming wit.

How a multiracial Orthodox rabbi is using his background to create a unique community in Brooklyn

Josefin Dolsten, JTA, 06/18/2018

Growing up in the Orthodox community of Monsey, New York, as the son of an African-American mother who converted to Judaism and a white Ashkenazi father who became religious later in life, Isaiah Rothstein knows what it’s like not to fit in.

Youth Poet-Laureate Embraces Creole and Jewish Heritage

Tova Ricardo, Jewish&, 05/03/2017

Poetry is power for Jewish biracial teen activist.

Humor and My Authentically Black Jewish Self

Rosie Poku, Jewish&, 09/15/2016

“How does Moses make his tea? Hebrews it. Happy Passover y’all.”

My Jewish Son’s Love of Christmas

Alex Barnett, Jewish&, 12/15/2015

My wife and I are a multiracial couple. She’s Black. I’m White. Our 4-year-old son is biracial.

37 Difficult Questions From My Mixed-Race Son

Mira Jacob, BuzzFeed, 06/08/2015

"Are white people afraid of brown people?"

Taye Diggs' brave defense of his half-white son

David Kaufman, New York Post, 11/19/2015

Actor and singer Taye Diggs might be black, but he wants folks to understand that his son, Walker, isn’t — at least not entirely. That’s the message he’s been shopping around as part of a tour to promote his new children’s book, “Mixed Me.”

An Interesting Jewish "Jeopardy" Champ

Rabbi Jason Miller, My Jewish Learning, 10/07/2015

Passover is the eight-day Jewish holiday in which we ask questions at the seder table. For one quirky Jewish guy from Washington DC, Sukkot was the eight-day Jewish holiday in which he successfully answered clues with questions.

Black, White, Other: Biracial Americans Talk About Race and Identity

Lise Funderburg, New York, William Morrow, 01/01/1994