A Graphic Novel That Answers a Child’s Question About Being Biracial

Ed Park, The New York Times, 05/02/2019

For a person of color in America, the term person of color can be both useful and divisive, at once a form of solidarity and a badge of alienation. There’s a flattening effect, too: A multitude of ethnicities and cultures, with their own color-coded nuances, get crammed into the initials P.O.C. Among its many virtues, Mira Jacob’s graphic memoir, GOOD TALK (One World, $30), helps us think through this term with grace and disarming wit.

How a multiracial Orthodox rabbi is using his background to create a unique community in Brooklyn

Josefin Dolsten, JTA, 06/18/2018

Growing up in the Orthodox community of Monsey, New York, as the son of an African-American mother who converted to Judaism and a white Ashkenazi father who became religious later in life, Isaiah Rothstein knows what it’s like not to fit in.

Youth Poet-Laureate Embraces Creole and Jewish Heritage

Tova Ricardo, Jewish&, 05/03/2017

Poetry is power for Jewish biracial teen activist.

Humor and My Authentically Black Jewish Self

Rosie Poku, Jewish&, 09/15/2016

“How does Moses make his tea? Hebrews it. Happy Passover y’all.”

Breaking the Cycle of Unwelcome in Jewish Life

Alexandra Newman, Jewish&, 01/05/2016

For many of us going to a new synagogue or Jewish environment is tough. We spend time beforehand wondering if we will know anyone, will we feel comfortable, or something as simple as will anyone say hello to me.

My Jewish Son’s Love of Christmas

Alex Barnett, Jewish&, 12/15/2015

My wife and I are a multiracial couple. She’s Black. I’m White. Our 4-year-old son is biracial.

Owning My Identities

Evan Traylor, Jewish&, 10/27/2015

Since I was a little kid growing up in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, I’ve always known that I was somehow different in the Jewish community. I didn’t look like the other kids in Hebrew school.

37 Difficult Questions From My Mixed-Race Son

Mira Jacob, BuzzFeed, 06/08/2015

"Are white people afraid of brown people?"

Taye Diggs' brave defense of his half-white son

David Kaufman, New York Post, 11/19/2015

Actor and singer Taye Diggs might be black, but he wants folks to understand that his son, Walker, isn’t — at least not entirely. That’s the message he’s been shopping around as part of a tour to promote his new children’s book, “Mixed Me.”

An Interesting Jewish "Jeopardy" Champ

Rabbi Jason Miller, My Jewish Learning, 10/07/2015

Passover is the eight-day Jewish holiday in which we ask questions at the seder table. For one quirky Jewish guy from Washington DC, Sukkot was the eight-day Jewish holiday in which he successfully answered clues with questions.

Black, White, Other: Biracial Americans Talk About Race and Identity

Lise Funderburg, New York, William Morrow, 01/01/1994