This Black Jewish Teen Is Leading the Fight for Climate Justice

Shekhiynah Larks, Jewish&, 07/17/2020

Diller Tikkun Olam Award recipient says environmental justice and racial justice are connected.

Black Jewish Educator Advocates for More Inclusive Classrooms

Team Be'chol Lashon, Jewish&, 07/09/2020

Former district school leader and author of forthcoming book on "identity safe classrooms" shares best practices.

How One Black Orthodox Jewish Woman Is Opening Minds in Her Brooklyn Community

Liana Satenstein, Vogue, 06/30/2020

Less than two weeks after George Floyd’s killing at the hands of police in Minneapolis, Mayaan Zik, a Black Orthodox woman and longtime resident of the Crown Heights neighborhood of Brooklyn, stood on the main drag of Kingston Avenue, and introduced a number of speakers from both the Black and the Hasidic Jewish communities to kick off the rally, “Tahalucha for Social Justice.”

“He really is Jewish” — Little Richard’s lifelong love affair with Judaism

Benjamin Ivry, The Forward, 05/10/2020

Little Richard, the rock and roll pioneer who died on May 9 at age 87, brought a galvanic charge to live performances of such songs as “Tutti Frutti,” “Heebie Jeebies” and “Lucille,” drawing sustained inspiration from what he considered to be a Jewish identity.

Frum Women of Color

Aliza Bracha Klien, Mishpacha, 04/22/2020

I don’t fit in a box — I never have. I don’t know any black Jew who does.

Black Jewish chef serves lessons with her meals

Kiya Edwards, KARE 11, 02/20/2020

Diversity, teachable moments, and, of course, food are on the menu for this Twin Cities chef.

Orthodox rapper Nissim Black reintroduces himself to the world

Emily Burack, The Jewish News of Northern California, 02/19/2020

Nissim Black knows that wherever he goes, he’s going to turn heads; his new single, “Mothaland Bounce,” sets the record straight.

Coming soon: A new leadership pipeline for Jews of color

Gabe Stutman, The Jewish News of Northern California, 02/03/2020

Project Shamash: Sparking the Leadership of East Bay Jews of Color, scheduled to begin later this year, will aim to propel more Jews of color into positions on Jewish boards.

Hues of Jews: Metro Detroit’s Jews of Color

Jennifer Lovey, The Jewish News, 02/02/2020

“I know why they’re looking,” he says. “They think it’s rare. Especially when they only go to services once or twice a year and they come back and see something totally different — a black person in the synagogue.


‘Juneteenth this year is a whole new ballgame’ — 9 Black Jews on the holiday of liberation

Inte, , 01/01/1970

Juneteenth celebrates one of the most important events in American history: the end of slavery. June 19, 1865, was Galveston, Texas, finally freed its enslaved people — the last place in the United States to do so.