Meet Nissim Baruch Black, The Orthodox Jewish Rapper Who’s Defying All Stereotypes

Becky Scott, Forward, 07/05/2017

When Nissim Baruch Black was 25, he found himself in a potentially fatal situation. The Seattle-born rapper, who performed under the moniker D. Black at the time, got into an altercation with another artist. When that artist was later the victim of attempted murder by a friend of Black’s, it was assumed that Black had sent him in retaliation.

Teaching your kids not to “see” race is a terrible idea, studies have found

Lila MacLellah, Quartz, 07/02/2017

For parents of black children in the US, where bigotry continues to take people’s lives and freedom, talking about race is often not optional. But acknowledging and naming race in conversations with children is something all parents must do, experts say—early and often.

Conversion: A Black Jewish Can-Do Story

Stephanie Ambroise, Jewish&, 08/24/2016

I wanted and needed Judaism and ultimately as I worked through my studies, I realized it was meant to be. Once I made this decision, there was no turning back and I was nervous — dare I say scared — at times. However, when have I ever let my skin color stop me from doing something NEVER!

We may both be Jewish, but our differences are black and white

Shais Rishon, Tablet, 07/09/2016

Despite BDS, Donald Trump, ISIS, and any other organization or manner of anti-Jewish sentiment, the “looks Jewish” demographic of Jew doesn’t face anything near this magnitude of threat merely by dint of being themselves.

Black, Female and Almost a Rabbi

Isaama Stoll, Jewish&, 11/03/2015

When I was 6 years old I told my parents I was going to become a rabbi.

A New Year: Another New Beginning

Prodezra/Reuben Fromey, Jewish&, 09/01/2015

If I’ve learned anything being a black, observant, Jewish Hip-Hop artist, it’s that it takes time and patience for something new to be accepted and to catch on. As Rosh Hoshanah approaches, I’m ready for more new beginnings that I may never have dreamed of or had the courage to pursue.

Passing for Black?: Another Perspective

Julius Lester, Jewish&, 07/07/2015

Identity is complicated.

My Christian Great-Grandmother, My Jewish Inspiration

Michael J. DeYoung, Jewish&, 11/18/2014

Knowing that my great-grandmother was able to live through times where being Black resulted in beatings and deaths, yet still maintain such strong religious beliefs inspired me to be proud of my Jewish heritage.

Under Fire, Baraka Finds Support in Black Circles

Daniel Treiman, The Forward, 03/07/2003

When New Jersey’s controversial poet laureate, Amiri Baraka, spoke at Yale University February 24, many members of the Jewish campus community were appalled.

'Ghetto,' by Mitchell Duneier

KHALIL MUHAMMAD, The New York Times, 04/12/2016

Black Jews You Should Know, Part 4

MaNishtana, Tablet, 02/29/2016

Black Jews You Should Know, Part 3

MaNishtana, T, 02/19/2016

'Little White Lie' playing in Summit Feb. 19

Peter Fiorilla, Union News Daily, 02/18/2016

His Paula Deen takedown went viral. But this food scholar isn't done yet.

Michaele Weissman, Washington Post, 02/16/2016

Twitty’s embrace of all the various parts of himself — African, African American, European, black, white, gay, Jewish — sometimes raises hackles, as does his habit of speaking his mind.

Black rapper who found spiritual home in Orthodoxy on the move to Israel

Cathryn Prince, The Times of Israel, 02/15/2016