The first black U.S. senator lived an extraordinary life

Erin Blakemore, National Geographic, 02/20/2020

Hiram Revels subverted slave states and recruited soldiers in the Civil War. In the 150 years since his election, he remains one of only 10 black senators ever.

In Light of Rising Anti-Semitism, Rethinking Black-Jewish Relations

Carly Pildis, Tablet, 01/29/2020

When we fight for a fairer and more just America, and we fight for it as proud Jews, we all win.

A Black Orthodox Rabbi Explains How He Navigates Both Racism And Anti-Semitism

Jamie Feldman, Huffington Post, 12/06/2018

MaNishtana’s bio states that he is a writer, speaker, rabbi, playwright and author. It goes on to explain that he is also black, Jewish and Orthodox.

A Personal Trainer, Vegan and Sociologist Walk into a Synagogue — Oh Wait, that’s just Sandra Lawson

Asha Prihar, Yale News, 10/12/2018

Lawson visited Yale this Tuesday to speak about religion, intersectional identities and creating inclusive environments at multiple events hosted by the Slifka Center for Jewish Life, the Office of LGBTQ Resources and the Afro-American Cultural Center.

An ‘Intoxicating’ Singer, Whether It’s Green Day or ‘Oklahoma!’

Rob Weinert-Kendt, New York Times, 10/02/2018

Rebecca Naomi Jones, who has made her reputation in rock and pop musicals, will tackle a classic as Laurey in “Oklahoma!”

Why BlacKkKlansman Is Required Viewing for Jews

Abraham Riesman, Vulture, 08/09/2018

This Jewish Mom Inspired the First Black ‘Peanuts’ Character

Emily Burack, Kveller, 07/31/2018

In April 1968, Harriet Glickman — a Jewish teacher and mom of three — wrote a letter to Peanuts creator Charles M. Schulz.

Jacqueline Woodson's upcoming book is a moving letter to kids who feel alone

MJ Franklin, Mashable, 04/19/2018

There are some days when you feel like you just don't fit in. Maybe you look around you and you don't see anyone who looks like you. Or maybe the food you eat and the games you play are different than everybody else's.

Sammy Davis Jr., In His Own Words, On Choosing Judaism

Inte, Heeb, 08/26/2016

While much has been made of Davis Jr’s Judaism (you don’t exactly run into black, one-eyed, singing, dancing, acting Jews everyday) it’s one thing to talk about his conversion in the abstract, but it’s quite another to hear the man himself tell the story. Why did he, a scrawny black kid brought up in showbiz by a Catholic mother and a Baptist father, make the choice to become Jewish well into his life and career

Black Jews You Should Know, Part 2

MaNishtana, Tablet, 02/09/2016

Black Jews You Should Know, Part 1

MaNishtana, Tablet, 02/04/2016

Ta-Nehisi Coates and King Solomon, Telling it Like It Is

Eytan Kenter, Jewish&, 01/14/2016

This past summer, I also read a modern Ecclesiastes in the book Between the World and Me by Ta-Nehisi Coates. Much like Ecclesiastes it is not presenting the best of the world, but the unfortunate realities of it.

The co-opting of Black Lives Matter could be its downfall

Seth Mandel, New York Post, 12/29/2015

Stomping the Yard: Black Students, White Spaces

Dr. Chandra Gill, Jetmag, 12/03/2015

The struggle to survive at predominantly white institutions... “There is one sin that slavery committed against me which I will never forgive. It robbed me of my education.” – Dr. James D. Anderson

Taye Diggs' brave defense of his half-white son

David Kaufman, New York Post, 11/19/2015

Actor and singer Taye Diggs might be black, but he wants folks to understand that his son, Walker, isn’t — at least not entirely. That’s the message he’s been shopping around as part of a tour to promote his new children’s book, “Mixed Me.”

The day my daughter realized she isn't white

Lisa Papademetriou, The Washington Post, 11/03/2015

We live in the United States, and my daughter is an American girl. In a culture dominated by images of white people in advertising, books, and movies, my daughter had simply identified with what she saw around her.

An Interesting Jewish "Jeopardy" Champ

Rabbi Jason Miller, My Jewish Learning, 10/07/2015

Passover is the eight-day Jewish holiday in which we ask questions at the seder table. For one quirky Jewish guy from Washington DC, Sukkot was the eight-day Jewish holiday in which he successfully answered clues with questions.