We Mizrahi Jews Shouldn’t Need to Fit In

Manashe Khaimov, Jewish&, 11/30/2020

For too long I felt like I had to check core parts of my identity at the door of mainstream Jewish institutions.

Bukharian Passover Traditions and Recipes

Manashe Khaimov, Jewish&, 04/06/2020

We wear colorful kaftans, dip our matzah in a special soup, and "whip" each other to remember the pain of the Israelite slaves.

How My Bukharian Jewish Community Celebrates Hanukkah

Manashe Khaimov, Jewish&, 12/09/2019

Professor and tour guide in New York shares history and recipe for Hannukah cookies.

I’m a lesbian Bukharian Jew. Can I exist?

Alice Aronov, JTA, 07/10/2019

"It was an incredible discovery — exactly what I needed! A place to be Bukharian, to be Mizrahi, and to be queer."

From Upstream to Mainstream: The Story of New York’s Bukharian Jewish Community

Faigie Horowitz, The Jewish Press, 05/27/2019

The absorption of the Bukharian Jews in the United States during the past forty years is remarkable in that it has meant a spiritual rejuvenation for many.

This Bukharian Jewish Meaty Rice Dish is the Crockpot Meal You Need

Leanne Shor, The Nosher, 10/15/2018

This traditional, slow-cooked dish is comforting and seriously crave-worthy.

The Sweet Story of Charoset

Joan Alpert, Moment Magazine, 03/25/2013

Threads of Silk: The Story of Bukharan Jewry

Webmast, Beit Hatfutsot, 01/04/2013

Silk Road Food

Leah Koenig, Tablet Magazine, 12/15/2011

Teens Trace Their Roots At Bukharian Museum

Lisa Biagiotti, Queens Chronicle, 12/13/2007

Young Bukharians learn centuries-old dances

Joyce Shelby, Daily News, 11/21/2007

The Bukharian Lobby

Walter Ruby, The Jewish Week, 10/31/2007