Asian Jew or Jewish Asian

Emma Rosman, Shofar, 02/27/2019

The unique combination of these words shape who I am as an individual. I’ve recently thought about which word comes first-- am I an Asian Jew or a Jewish Asian?

The Rich History of Jewish Life in China

Shanghai Jewish Museum, The Jerusalem Post, 10/22/2018

Diving into China's vast Jewish history

Bruce Lee Was Jewish?

Seth Rogovoy, The Forward, 06/05/2018

The new Bruce Lee biography, “Bruce Lee: A Life”, comes with a few surprising revelations.

This Is Just a Test

Wendy Wan-Long Shang and Madelyn Rosenberg, Scholastic Inc, 03/26/2018

David Da-Wei Horowitz has a lot on his plate. Preparing for his upcoming bar mitzvah would be enough work even if it didn't involve trying to please his Jewish and Chinese grandmothers, who argue about everything. But David just wants everyone to be happy.

From the Amazon to China: A Look at the 'Jew-ish' Groups Israel Is Trying to Bring Into the Fold

Judy Maltz, Haaretz, 09/13/2017

Members of groups with a Jewish connection from Africa, Asia and South America may get a chance to stay longer in Israel, even if they fall short of citizenship

Reflections on Loving Day

Noah Leavitt, Huffington Post, 06/12/2017

n June 1958, Richard Loving and Mildred Jeter, a White man and a Black and Native American woman very much in love with each other, were married in Washington, D.C. where interracial marriage was legal.

Jewish and Chinese: Explaining a Shared Identity

Chris Buckley, The New York Times, 09/25/2016

The ancient Jewish community of Kaifeng, in central China, was experiencing a cultural and religious revival until a recent government clampdown, which has brought a ban on collective worship and forced out foreign Jewish groups.

Chinese Jews of Ancient Lineage Huddle Under Pressure

Chris Buckley, The New York Times, 09/24/2016

KAIFENG, China — The rooms where ruddy-faced Chinese men and women once assembled to pray in Hebrew and Mandarin are silent.

Chicken Soup, Chicken Soup

Pamela Mayer and Deborah Melmon, Kar-Ben Publishing, 08/01/2016

Two grandmas. Two delicious recipes. And one granddaughter caught in the middle!

A Family Flower Garden: Raising My Jewish Chinese Daughter

Webmast, Asian Jewish Life, 10/15/2014

From Europe to China: Shanghai's remarkable place in Jewish refugee history

Toby Tabachnick, The Jewish Chronicle, 09/28/2014

The Chinese Believe That the Jews Control America. Is That a Good Thing?

Clarissa Sebag-Montefiore, Tablet Magazine, 03/27/2014

From Kate Middleton to Sergey Brin

Anne Cohen, The Forward, 08/30/2013

China produces 1st 'Jewish' medals

Lev Brackman,, 08/08/2013

Chopsticks, Pesach and Aliyah

Masorti Matters,, 04/18/2013

Five Star Refuge: A Week at the Pen

Erica Lyons, Asian Jewish Life, 02/28/2013

The Bat Mitzvah Tutor of Beijing

Alison Klayman, The Jewish Daily Forward, 01/06/2013

The Jews of Kaifeng

David N. Myers, Jewish Journal, 08/15/2012