A Journey to Judaism on Pointe

Chava Pearl Lansky, Tablet, 06/18/2019

Boysie Dikobe, a South African-born dancer with Les Ballets Trockadero de Monte Carlo, prepares for his conversion—when he’s not performing in drag

Judaism Was Destiny for This Guatemalan

Ana Rodriguez, Jewish&, 05/06/2019

In moving to the United States from Guatemala, I found my purpose and place in Jewish community

I'm Converting: One Mother's Unexpected Path To Judaism

Sophia Alvarez Boyd, NPR, 04/27/2019

After growing up in a non-denominational Protestant church, Jane Kemp made the decision seven years ago to convert to Judaism.

The Jews of San Miguel de Allende

Roslyn Bernstein, Tablet, 04/21/2019

The service was electrifying, conducted in Hebrew, with some readings in English and Spanish, and enthusiastic communal singing.

In northern Brazil, Sephardic converts are giving dwindling Jewish communities a new lease on life

Cnaan Liphshiz, JTA, 12/26/2018

An insider look into the diverse Jewish communities of Recife, Brazil.

When the Mikvah Water Touches Your Black Hair

Shekhiynah Larks, Jewish&, 11/14/2018

A conversion brings wholeness to body, mind and spirit.

New Study Ponders Key Question: How to Promote Active Converts?

JTA Staff, JTA, 04/13/2018

Low conversion rates among intermarried Jewish families continue to plague those working to reverse the demographic downtrends in American Jewry. Fewer than one-fifth of gentiles who marry Jews convert to Judaism, according to a new study distributed by the American Jewish Committee.

Ruth’s Cup: A New Passover Ritual Honoring Jewish Diversity

Heidi Hoover, Jewish&, 03/29/2017

A ritual welcome for converts at Passover.

Jewish Music with A Caribbean Flair

Rabbi Juan Mejia, Jewish&, 07/18/2016

Chavurat Nahariyah is an exciting group of young families in the Caribbean city of Barranquilla in my native Colombia.

Mothers, Judaism's Heroes

Isaiah Rothstein, Jewish&, 05/04/2016

My mother, once Tanya Maria Robertson, now Shulamis Geulah Rothstein, taught my brothers and me so many things! She, like a great lioness, raised us to think, to feel and to respond to the needs of our people, regardless of religious affiliation, skin color or garb.

Chinese Kaifeng Jews Seek New Lives in Israel

Sarah Burke and Lawahez Jabari, NBC News, 03/03/2016

Yue Ting finally went "home" to Israel this week. She had been looking forward to the day for years — where she comes from there are no synagogues or rabbis.

Audiologist hears call of Judaism, social justice activism

Patricia Corrigan, St. Louis Jewish Light, 09/16/2015

A family friend’s hearing problems first sparked Koach Baruch Frazier’s interest in audiology. What drew him to Judaism after growing up in Kansas City in a family with several African Methodist Episcopal pastors?

'Orange Is The New Black' Gets A Jewish Convert

Maya Klausner, The Jewish Week, 06/16/2015

Born Jewish or Not, You Matter

Elle Shayna Wisnicki, My Jewish Learning, 06/08/2015

The way I look - my golden complexion and the abundance of ringlet curls on my head - combined with the difference in my upbringing have always challenged my place in society and even in the Jewish community.

She's black, gay and soon you can call her 'rabbi'

Lauren Markoe, Religion News Service, 05/28/2015

"As the American Jewish community is becoming increasingly diverse through intermarriage, conversion and adoption, role models are a critical component of identity formation," said Diane Tobin, director of Be'chol Lashon.

Converting to Judaism doesn't have to be so hard

Rabbi Michael Knopf, Haaretz, 05/27/2015