Farm Girl Molly Yeh Cooks Up Jewish and Chinese

Gerri MIller, Jewish Journal, 09/04/2019

Molly Yeh is of Jewish and Chinese heritage, and she uses that unique culinary perspective to blend both influences in the innovative cuisine she prepares on her Food Network show “Girl Meets Farm.”

The Secret Jewish History of Vanilla

Rachel Ringler, My Jewish Learning, 12/12/2018

Turns out a staple ingredient has Jewish roots!

Recipes and Memories from Hanukkah in India

Eddna Samuel, Jewish&, 11/29/2018

An Indian Jew shares her Hanukkah traditions

A Venezuelan-American chef wants to show the rich culinary tradition of Latino Jews

Josefin Dolsten, JTA, 10/15/2018

A Venezuelan-American chef wants to educate others about the history of Latin American Jews

Iron Chef Rosh Hashanah: Be Fruitful and Multiply

Diane Tobin, Jewish&, 09/02/2014

Not My Mother’s Matzah Balls: My Moroccan Kitchen

Natasha Cooper-Bentley, Jewish&, 07/17/2014

In this blog post, the author shares her experience of straying from Jewish familial traditions in her kitchen.

Cooking New Recipes for a New Year - The Jew and the Carrot

Ruth Abusch-Magder, The Forward, 09/07/2010

Since arriving in California twelve months ago, I’ve tried the dry flesh of Chinese Jujubes, zest from the green and orange Yuzu lemons, ventured the tendrils of the Buddha’s hand and tried no less than 100 varieties of stone fruits. For this dedicated fruit lover, all of this is marvelous.

A Year of Stories and Thanks

Be'chol Lashon Staff, Jewish&, 11/24/2014

At Be'chol Lashon we are quietly and joyfully marking a year since the launch of Jewish&. Sharing stories is one of the best ways we know about how to celebrate diversity and the richness of both the historic and contemporary Jewish experience.