Cooking New Recipes for a New Year - The Jew and the Carrot

Ruth Abusch-Magder, The Forward, 09/07/2010

Since arriving in California twelve months ago, I’ve tried the dry flesh of Chinese Jujubes, zest from the green and orange Yuzu lemons, ventured the tendrils of the Buddha’s hand and tried no less than 100 varieties of stone fruits. For this dedicated fruit lover, all of this is marvelous.

Diane Tobin Featured in Bubbe's Kitchen:

Diane Tobin, Bubbie's kitchen, 10/01/2008

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When Food Betrayed the Jews

Susan Barocas, Lilith, 07/01/2018

When the Jews left their Spanish homeland, they couldn’t take much with them, but they could and did take their heritage, their faith, their Ladino or Judeo-Spanish language, and their foods.