Juan Mejia, a modern global rabbi

Adam Reinherz, Pittsburg Jewish Chronicle, 09/24/2017

His journey to Yiddishkeit is one of family, faith and a desire to serve

Secret Crypto-Jewish Diaries Rediscovered in New York, Displayed in Mexico City

Alan Grabinsky, Tablet, 09/15/2017

Ahead of Mexico’s Independence Day, the autobiographical writings of Inquisition victim Luis de Carvajal finally go home

Portugal, Echoes of a Jewish Past

Jewish Discoveries, Youtube, 09/12/2017

Exiled Spanish and Portuguese Jews Are Returning Home to Israel

Maayan Jaffe-Hoffman, Jewish News Service, 10/02/2016

New Mexico native Sonya Loya never felt Catholic; she was drawn to Judaism instead.

Reconnecting 2016: Reinvigorating Shared Latino-Jewish Roots and Heritage

Webmast, Institute for Sefardi and Anousim Studies, 09/07/2016

Reinvigorating Shared Latino-Jewish Roots and Heritage, will be held in Miami, FL on Sept. 7-8. This conference is a milestone in Latino-Jewish relations and features an incredible line-up of the foremost scholars of Sefardi and Anousim heritage, as well as movers and shakers in the Latino world. Don’t miss this opportunity to be a part of history!

New Book: The Cat that Ate the Canoli: Tales of the Hiddens Jews of Southern Italy

Rabbi Barbara Aiello, , 07/08/2015

The Italian-American rabbi is determined to uncover the Jewish roots buried in these hills, lost through centuries of persecution and obscured by decades of misunderstanding.

In search of lost Jews

Bella Scharf Zelingher, New Jersey Jewish News, 04/15/2015

Georgia's First Jew

Leah Falk, Jewniverse, 03/12/2015

Latinos in Comics featuring "Ghetto Brother"

Edgar Allen Poe Park, Bronx and NY, , 02/24/2015

In conversation with the author Julian Voloj, Melendez discusses growing up in the South Bronx, the events that led to the gang truce, and how it feels to be now in a graphic novel.

Undoing the Inquisition

Ashley Perry, The Jerusalem Post, 01/15/2015

A return to Jewish roots for descendents of Hispanic Catholics

Ana Veciana-Suarez, Miami Herald, 01/07/2015

Spanish citizenship offer appeals to U.S. Sephardic Jews

Fernando Peinado, The Spectrum, 07/18/2014

Italy's B'nai Anusim Revive a Secret Passover Tradition-- The Seder Hamishi

Barbara Aiello, The Times of Israel, 04/17/2014