Reporter’s notebook: Celebrating 90 years of Jewish community in Guantanamo

Laura Paull, The Jewish News of Northern California, 06/28/2019

A closer look into Guantanamo's thriving Jewish community

I am Jewish AND…

Sasha Dominguez, Jewish Philanthropy, 03/14/2019

“Hi, my name is Sasha Dominguez, I am going to be your teacher.” One of the students in my class responded, “Dominguez? That’s not a Jewish last name?"

Under the Chuppah in Havana

Ruth Oratz, Tablet, 01/14/2019

The revival of Cuba’s Jewish community

Cuba’s Jewish History, from Columbus to the Present

Staff, Mosaic, 08/23/2017

Yosef ben Levy Ha-Ivri was a Spanish Jew who converted to Catholicism in 1492, just before Ferdinand and Isabella’s decree banishing Jews from the country went into effect. Shortly thereafter—now using the name Luis de Torres—he joined Christopher Columbus on his voyage across the Atlantic; legend has it that Columbus thought de Torres’s knowledge of Hebrew, Arabic, and other languages might be helpful in communicating with the natives.

Irene Shaland: The Island within an Island: The Cuban Jewish Story of Survival

Irene Shaland, Sephardi Ideas Monthly, 08/21/2017

Cuba has been a refuge for the Jews since 1492, when conversos sought a safe haven from the Spanish Inquisition. Today, a tiny but united community of one thousand remains after more than five hundred years of history and five distinct waves of Crypto-Jewish and Jewish immigration.

Cuban Jewish leaders call on US Jewish community to strengthen ties

JTA Staff, JTA, 07/13/2017

Leaders of Cuba’s Jewish community sent an open letter to the U.S. Jewish community calling for a strengthening of ties and expressing concern over a reversal of policy by the United States toward the island nation.

A Yiddish-Cuban Opera to Have Its Premiere in Havana in March

Michael Cooper, The New York Times, 02/19/2017

A Yiddish-Cuban composer's passion for Afro-Cuban music comes alive.

Mis Abuelos and the No Dilemma December

Jennifer Stempel, Jewish&, 12/03/2014

Most of the Jewish kids I knew growing up partook in a handful of familiar traditions during the holiday season: light their menorahs, eat latkes and jelly doughnuts and play dreidel. In my house, the traditions were very similar, except we sometimes swapped Cuban-style malanga fritters for potato pancakes.

Easy Cross Cultural Rosh Hashanah Meal

Team Be'chol Lashon, Jewish&, 09/08/2014

A wonderful holiday meal with an authentic Cuban flair.

Maria Ramos-Chertok's Recipe For Integrity

Laura Paull, 3200 Stories, 06/28/2012