How many Jews of color are there? Fewer than you think.

Ira M. Sheskin and Arnold Dashefsky, Forward, 05/18/2020

We also have a responsibility to make certain that, in both developing programs for any population subgroup and in evaluating the effectiveness of those programs, we do so based upon accurate information.

Update: How COVID-19 is hitting Jewish communities around the world

Uriel Heilman, The Times of Israel, 05/15/2020

While Israel has fared fairly well during the pandemic, Jews in Britain, New York area have suffered significantly high death tolls from the virus.

Jews Of Color Have Been Consistently Undercounted By The American Jewish Establishment. Until Now.

Ari Feldman, The Forward, 05/30/2019

The report is “a reminder that counting Jews remains a complex and contentious issue, not only for Jews of color, but for all Jews," said Diane Tobin.

Jews of Color and who counts in the Jewish community

Ilana Kaufman and Ari Kelman, The Times of Israel, 05/21/2019

Our new study shows US Jewry is a whole lot less white than you might think and helps ensure everyone is being honored and served.

Jewish Community Shrinks in Morocco

Madeline Gressel, PBSNewsHour, 07/27/2015

Watch a report about the Jewish community in Morocco, not as vibrant as it once was.

Bukharan Jews and the Dynamics of Global Judaism (Indiana Series in Sephardi and Mizrahi Studies)

Alanna E. Cooper, Indiana University Press, 12/07/2012

Part ethnography, part history, and part memoir, this volume chronicles the complex past and dynamic present of an ancient Mizrahi community. While intimately tied to the Central Asian landscape, the Jews of Bukhara have also maintained deep connections to the wider Jewish world. As the community began to disperse after the fall of the Soviet Union, Alanna E. Cooper traveled to Uzbekistan to document Jewish life before it disappeared.

From Empire to Empire: Jerusalem Between Ottoman and British Rule (Space, Place and Society)

Abigail Jacobson, Syracuse University Press, 08/04/2011

The history of Jerusalem as traditionally depicted is the quintessential history of conflict and strife, of ethnic tension, and of incompatible national narratives and visions. It is also a history of dramatic changes and moments, one of the most radical ones being the replacement of the Ottoman regime with British rule in December 1917.

How Jews Became White Folks and What That Says About Race in America

Karen Brodkin, Rutgers University Press, 01/01/1998

The history of Jews in the United States is one of racial change that provides useful insights on race in America. Prevailing classifications have sometimes assigned Jews to the white race and at other times have created an off-white racial designation for them. Those changes in racial assignment have shaped the ways American Jews of different eras have constructed their ethnoracial identities. Brodkin illustrates these changes through an analysis of her own family's multigenerational experience. She shows how Jews experience a kind of double vision that comes from racial middleness: on the one hand, marginality wit regard to whiteness; on the other, whiteness and belonging with regard to blackness.

Dr. Gary Tobin, Positive Realist

Debbie Cohen, Lifestyles Magazine, 04/01/2008