Being a Jew of Colour: Finding Acceptance and Inclusion

Alex Rose, The Canadian Jewish News, 04/24/2019

For Tobin, whose son is a young black man living in America, it’s also a very personal issue. “My privilege does not protect him,” she said.

Wannabe Demographers?

Diane Tobin, The Huffington Post, 11/12/2014

This is an exciting time for global Judaism and its growth deserves to be taken seriously.

Wrestling With Race on Rosh Hashanah

Diane Tobin, The Huffington Post, 09/18/2014

Dealing with the complexity of race means acknowledging difficult realities and Jewish tradition teaches us to lean into rather than shy away from complexity.

Pew to the Rescue: Saving Jewish Demography

Diane Tobin and Aryeh Weinberg, The Huffington Post, 10/15/2013

They say that genius is often only revealed after death. The late Jewish demographer, Dr. Gary A. Tobin, was widely respected during life, however some of his most important insights are just beginning to be realized.

Young, Black, Jewish and Profiled

Diane Tobin, The Huffington Post, 07/30/2013

It may be harmless curiosity but the consequences of treating those we perceive as “different’ with suspicion can be damaging, not just to the individual but to the community as a whole.

Are All Jews White? The Woody Allen Syndrome

Diane Tobin, The Huffington Post, 06/07/2012

It is time we engage in an honest discussion about racial and ethnic diversity in the Jewish community, as well as the broader issue of multi-layered identities among all peoples.

A Jewish Marriage Resolution We Can Keep

Diane Tobin, The Huffington Post, 01/14/2013

We are at a crossroads. Judaism is changing. Jewish life is changing. We have choices to make. Will we fearfully cling to an unsustainable vision of the past or will we welcome change and diversity?

Time to Look Within: Some Thoughts About Racial Diversity.

Jessica Trubowitch, Jewish Community Relations Council, 01/16/2015

Our historical place in the world as a marginalized people has left us feeling connected to people of color, but generally speaking does not seem to have left people of color feeling connected to us in the same way.

Nish'ma-- Leaders by Choice

Chaviva Gordon-Bennett, Dagmar Pruin and Diane Kaufmann Tobin, Sh'ma, 04/03/2013