Black Jewish Educator Advocates for More Inclusive Classrooms

Team Be'chol Lashon, Jewish&, 07/09/2020

Former district school leader and author of forthcoming book on "identity safe classrooms" shares best practices.

Is Respecting Diversity Part of the Jewish Curriculum?

Jan Jaben-Eilon, Atlanta Jewish Times, 01/08/2020

The panel showcasing young voices was one of several programs to highlight the importance of navigating differences and including diversity in Jewish education.

Writing a new chapter in education about Mizrachi and Sephardi Jews

Maya Mirsky, The J., 09/19/2019

It’s a question of telling the stories of all students in the classroom.

How My Hispanic-Filipino and Jewish Identities Come Together through Teaching

Anjelica Ruiz,, 06/04/2019

As someone who is half-Filipino and half-Hispanic and grew up in a diverse Dallas, TX, neighborhood, I never gave much thought to the politics of skin color and how that affected me – at least not until I entered the Jewish community.

How Schechter Manhattan Is Working To Create An ‘Anti-Racist’ Day School

Benjamin Mann, The Forward, 09/04/2018

This work toward becoming more inclusive and racially aware was initially sparked by input from parents of color in our school, and the current events have widened the spectrum of our community that feel its urgency- It continues to be supported by our partnership with Be’chol Lashon.

Assessing your cultural competence: A checklist for culturally responsive teachers

Kathy Deady, Teach Away, 09/22/2017

As classrooms become increasingly diverse, cultural competency has quickly become a key concern for educators all over the world. When it comes to creating a culturally-inclusive learning environment and closing the achievement gap in our classrooms, culturally responsive teaching is, arguably, more critical than it’s ever been before.

Associate professor explores history, reality of Moroccan Jewish community

Pablo Mungz, Daily Bruin, 09/22/2017

Aomar Boum's research on Jewish history in his home country of Morocco brings local attention to that history and helps people reconnect with their historic roots.However, Boum's Muslim identity affects how people perceive his research.

What Do Kids Need To Know About Race?

Avital Schriber Levy, Huffington Post, 08/24/2017

The goal of raising the next generation as race conscious and accepting human beings is one that I think needs to be placed firmly on our parental agendas.

Seven Jewish Heroines Disney Should Make a Movie About

Marjorie Ingall, Tablet, 12/05/2016

In Disney's latest animated blockbuster-Moana, set in Polynesia-the title character's religious faith plays an important role, as Mark I. Pinsky, author of The Gospel According to Disney, noted in Tablet last week.

When Twitty talks, we should listen

Mary Bilyeu, The Toledo Blade, 09/15/2015

Program Integrates Israeli Ethiopians into High Tech

Eliyahu Berkowitz, JP Updates, 06/03/2015

University of Haifa, East China New University open joint research center

Hayah Goldlist-Eichler, The Jerusalem Post, 05/12/2015

Movies That Matter: Freedom Summer

The Jewish Museum, New York and NY, , 03/02/2015

High school students, along with their teachers, view award-winning documentaries that examine issues such as identity, culture, and tolerance. Each day of film screenings features post-film discussions and a pizza lunch.

The Last of the Arab Jews

Lucette Lagnado, The Wall Street Journal, 02/13/2015

Here, in the heart of the Muslim world, the crowds were speaking Arabic. The band was Arab too, playing boisterous Arabic melodies. But the revelers were Orthodox Jews—as devout as they come.

Guest Editorial--The Indian Jewry and the Need for Jewish Studies in India

Navras Jaat Aafreedi, Cafe Dissensus, 12/31/2014

Independent Sunday school serves growing demographic

Jessica C. Kraft, J Weekly, 07/24/2014