Insijam's 'Arabist' founder helps Jews and Arabs do business

Hagay Hacohen, The Jerusalem Post, 08/09/2020

"Every Jewish person living here should know Arabic,” Levi said. “Knowing the culture of the other person is the best way to find a path into his or her heart.”

The Jewish Disney Family of Egypt

Raz Greenburg, Tablet Magazine, 02/25/2020

A new documentary traces the rise, fall, and amazing rediscovery of the world’s first Arab cartoon star

Cairene Dream

Jessie Grahmn, Tablet, 09/28/2007

In telling her father’s story of exile, Lucette Lagnado conjures the beloved Egypt and ugly Brooklyn of her youth.

Muslims in Egypt are trying to preserve its Jewish heritage

The Economist Staff, The Economist, 09/09/2017

Egypt’s leaders have increased their outreach to the shrinking Jewish community

Meet the Last Jews of Cairo

Jared Malsin, Time, 09/21/2015

Out of Egypt: Panelists Recall 'Lost World'

Lois Goldrich, New Jersey Jewish Standard, 12/14/2007

A Conversion for the Ages

Dan Pine, j. the Jewish News Weekly of Northern California, 07/03/2007

Jewish Family Reclaims Egyptian Hotel

Alain Navarro, AFP, 06/24/2007

Add a Touch of Egypt to your Seder Table with Old Family Recipes

Joseph Abdel Wahed, J Weekly, 03/23/2007

LIVES; Egyptian Like Me

Murad Kalam, New York Times Magazine, 11/16/2003